Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Whats in my world Tuesday 22 September

Fuck its hot outside as well as inside, as I step onto the balcony from the inside of my apartment. I am a freak of western culture according to some. I have no air con in my 23rd floor apartment, I have to buy it and I have not gor round to it yet. I think I will if I stay here for another year. Its a nice place, mediterania in Jakarta Barat (or Jakbar) and the place is quiet and not so full. There are shops and laundries, atms and most important swimming pools will help cool you down.
So no air con - saving the earth? no actually not reall wanted to spend 3 million all in on it and then the extra electricity bill actually, using my money for other things. That said I do think it is time for it.
Did I say it was hot?

Anyhow so here it is, my news from Jakarta and I am going to attempt to write down my thoughts, feelings and failings throught the months as it happens. I have lost since stopped doing this for reasons that have escaped me and considering I find writing a release I should get back on it.
Tuesday night, Tobruk is on HBO Max and I have beer, tim tams and the fan on. Its a great way to spend the evening.
I am on holiday this week as it is the Idul Fitri celebrations at the end of Ramadhan and so EF has closed and I am free for a while. Now, I could have chosen to travel with the rest of the country to somewhere nice but did I say I was going to Thailand in October, so I decided to remain in the city this time and not do much.
So far this week however for someone that does not do much I have been to FX, Senayan City, Chilis at Sarinah, Pizza Mariano at Senayan City, Semmangi, Pancoran Barat, Mampang and Puri Mall. So thats a lot in 4 days. I have ate a lot of food which makes a change, swam a couple of times and drank beer.
Today Yovita came round and after arguing with the taxi driver who had no change what soever and then borrowing 10,000 of the security man we decided to take the bike to Puri Mall. Driving in this holiday is actually quite nice as there is about 50% less traffic and so that means that it is almost pleasurable in this heat. My lungs and chest however do hurt when I breathe in deeply so I must remember to stop that but other than that the journey is always pleasant to Puri.
The best thing about Puri is that you can get pretty much everything thing you need there except today its BCA atm centre was closed. 15 machines all out of order and 7 men all sat there doing absolutely nothing. Great. And the funniest thought is that there are no maids and so the parents are forced to look after their own kids for 2 weeks, imagine that.
Pizza was nice as was JCO yogurt and then back here and that was the day.

And that is where I am up to now. I hope/intend to write more to capture the moments of life here, well my my life here.
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