Sunday, 27 September 2009

More strange things in my wonderful world

I should be sleeping but I just have to write this all out. Arsenal and Fulham on ESPN and its well late and already into Sunday. I am also very tired.
I quite blogging on here although I have no idea why these things wonderous things cannot be found on the internet.
So is the place to find them and then from there look for the rest of my enteries over the years.
So Sunday already and that means tomorrow I am back in the chair, steering EF away from the dangerous shores and keeping all things kinda sensible and normal but thats another story yet to be told.
So from Thursday I have been not up to much. Thursday I rode the motorbike around for a bit getting fuel and then off to get it washed but to my displeasure finding out that the place I normally go is shut. Ah well back to the apartment and then settle down for the rest of the day.
I watched Ju'On or the Grudge but it is the original Japanese version and it was pretty freaky and creepy but not that special. Thats was about it really. I did intend to take some photos but I never took the camera and so I must go and do that another day.
Friday was different again. I went swimming in the pool. A gloriously hot and sunny day, the pool was warm and empty of people and so that was great. Enjoyed swimming and managed 5 lengths before I thought I just need to float here and try and change colour which hopefully would be to a darker colour not a paler colour.
Not much else really, watched tv and had a couple of beers, it seemed quite a good way to finish the day off. Mind what helped was the stunningly long lightning and thunder that knocked 3 channels off on cable tv and lasted about 2 hours and it rained for about 35mins. The lightning was awesome. I did try to record it but it never really happened but I know there will more opportunities so I will capture so great footage soon.
Saturday was a trip around the city. Met Yovita at Semanngi and spent hours looking for clothing for the holiday with her. Ate at rice bowl and the food was pretty rough but ok and then carried on shopping. Off to Citraland next as still needed to get more and so we did. Then as it is next door to the apartment I decided to find out about Golds Gym.
So completed a health questionnaire in English and then spoke to the marketing man in Indonesian, who very cunningly lied to us and told us I would not have to pay until 5 November but could start immediately which seemed ok. Paid for via the credit card and that was also ok as it cleared. However on challenging him further he had it all wrong. F*cker and so I get charged in October and have to pay from this month. However it is £30 a month for unlimited use and classes and includes free this that and the other so its not all bad. I had to sign for 12 months so as long as I have a job here its ok oh and I continue to live next door but I think that that bit will be ok.
Then once I had paid, the contract. F*ckers this is all in Indoensian to confuse and even the English speaking customer service person did not really know. Sigh oh How Indonesian..... I am hardly surprised by all this but at the end of the day, I have now joined a Gym and will hopefully begin on Monday. Objective - get fit, make the heart stronger, lose some belly and find some muscles (upper body) and maybe lose some fat....
So I now become a gym bod... Personally stunned but I think I can do 3 times a week Mon, Wed, Fri. Luckily for me it opens at 6am so I get start at 7pm and finish at 8. Get fit and feel better.
Made some stunningly spicey pasta - 7 chillis, whole red garlic, a lot of white garlice and onion. Very hot but good to eat.
Off to Jacksa for some pool and that was ok. The pool hall is in the middle of renovation so air con not really the best. Got bored, went to the movies. G force only - forget that, went to Starbucks - standing room only so Ice cream in McDonalds. Coffee McFlurry but it could be called McSlurry. Foul. The french fries tasted of chicken and the coke mix was too syrupy and flat. McDonalds sarinah truly is in my top 5 worst McDonalds in the world.
1. Times Square NYC
2. Boscombe - Near Bournemouth
3. Sarinah - Jakarta
4. Melksham - UK
5. Bath

Why? well mainly too full and crap food which considering its McDonalds has to be bad. However Green Garden and Kebon Jeruk both have good ones and overall the Big Macs here are well made and the triple cheeseburgers are great....

Any way I digress.
There are lots of superstitions on this planet some quite acceptable so quite silly and some quite bizarre. I live in a land full of this stuff
and the bunch of twigs I use to brush the bed mats chairs etc has to be stood upright with the twigs in the air the window to prevent ghosts from coming in. Now the curtains need to be washed as they are dirty and this is a haven for lost spirits. Closing the window apparently does not help but cleaning the curtains will.
I dont disbelieve but I dont find it strange, but my gf has strange dreams here, I do too but I wont say why as I dont know so anything might help....

So now you know about some more strange superstitions here and also my agreement to have these things happen in my room. But then I wont let anyone put new shoes on the table. My mother used to tell me off over these things so best I learn.

Well thats that lot off my chest. Best go to sleep. But first got to find me that pesky mosquito who has been busy.
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