Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Central Park and Taman Anngrek

While I have the time to do this I might as well fill my time. As my other posts on here have said I am on holiday this week in the city and the place has been fairly quiet with many people away in their home towns and villages. So I have decided to stay in the city.
Today has been really hot not hot. Surprisingly it is always hot, currently it about 90+ and there is no sign of it cooling down. I guess the rainy season must be coming soon, please. Lets have some rain here. I dont care when. I can run from the apartment to hero for beer.
Anyway I ramble. I do like doing that. I had Yovita knocking on the door at 9am this morning so that woke me up and so now semi concious, a nice cup of tea and thoughts of what to spend the day doing.
Central Park, Jakartas latest mall is open and it is 5 minutes walk up the road so off we go. I did take my camera to take some pictures but I actually never bothered. Now I have been in some big malls in my time but this when open will be possibly the biggest. It is huge. 5 floors and it is going to be loaded with M&S, Gap, Espirit, Next, Guess, Apple, blah blah blah, a huge starbucks is coming, Burger King ( fantastic ) JCO (doughnuts and coffee nice) is already there. Also a huge cineam complex on the 3rd floor and the ultimate Carrefour in the basement which is roughly twice the size of Tesco's in Trowbridge and all on floor. So that will be nice to buy HP sauce and Toothpaste from. And it is all on the doorstep. Outside there will be an auditorium and cafes and restaurants to sit in and enjoy the night smog so I am relatively excited.
Then feeling hungry off to Jakartas largests mall (and that is debateable after Plaza Indonesia and Grand Indonesia got linked by a bridge) Taman Anngrek. Quick wander around then Macdonalds, well I do like traditional Indonesian food and then JCO for Yogurt and Kiwi and a read of the paper. Before looking for bikinis and clothes for Yovita.
We took a taxi back to the apartment as it was too damm hot ( 6000 rupiah or 45p!!!) and that was it really.
I did some cooking today again, Makes hot and spicy mushrooms which involves lots of garlic, red chillis, worcestershire sauce a lot of mushrooms. Ate with bread really quite spicy and good to eat.
Wednesday already and half way through the week. I cant believe I have been to 6 different malls so far, this is more than I would normally visit in a month.
Now tomorrow I am sure I will not post anything or write it depends what is going on. I think swimming and getting the bike cleaned. Also its time to sort out getting the internet upgraded. I do go on about this. For simple surfing its ok. For uploading pictures forget it. I cant even download virus protection updates as the speed is kinda slow to stop. But it is free and saving me cash a month but I would rather pay for a speedy service.
I have a feeling that I owe someone some money for my old service but seeing as they just cut me off without any warning and then demanded I pay for connection to a free service well they can wait. And I have yet to see the bill.

One thing is for sure I wont be walking around the streets tomorrow it is far too hot to do that sort of thing. I hope the laundry is open as I am running out of clothes now and I guess the builders will be back soon making far too much noise. I think maybe I will take some photos of around here so we can all have a look.

All this rest and lack of doing is beginning to feel good. And I get paid next week which means only 4 weeks to Thailand.

Tony has his orders, mother's going shopping and so thats good. Everyone is excited and I am sure Yovita is overly excited. Not at Tonys level which is a sleepless days and nights and surfing the internet for the best bars to drink in in Krabi but it is really close.

Ching Ching
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