Monday, 7 November 2016


I recently was lucky enough to be able to visit my first school where my adventure in Indonesia and Jakarta began; EF Cengkareng. It was the first time I had been back to this part of the city for a good few years and getting there soon brought so many memories flooding back to when I was a teacher and school and area I lived and worked in.

The center itself had been completely updated and it is now nice and modern and for me still has a great feeling and environment. The teachers room had not been touched too much and so my old spot was still there and again the room felt the same as it did when I was a teacher.

New and shiny inside

It used to look like this

Back in 2007
My old working space today 
Last surviving part of the old DoS office, the window

Unsurprisingly little had changed. Being out west there is a lot more space and green than where I live now and the pace of life seems a little less frantic. The traffic was its usual self as I remember it but everything was still the same basically around the center. Gone was some stores and hairdressers next to the EF and the Giant and AW had turned into a big Super Indo and I was told Pizza hut had moved as well. But the Dunkin Doughnuts was still there as was the dodgy car park booth and access.

Still pretty much the same now as it was then

From outside in 2007. Nothing really new except the sign is now Magenta (Pink)

Sometimes it is nice to go back  somewhere and spend time there and just enjoy the memories of the place. It never made me want to return and stay but it made the day more fun.


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