Thursday, 10 November 2016

After the storm

On Friday there was a huge political demonstration involving around 100,000 people who were gathered in Jakarta to protest about the current governor and his use of a word or phrase from the Quran. With the governor not being Muslim and misquoting the Quran he tipped the scales and has ended up in rather hot water with people demanding his arrest, he is put in prison, death and other things. That and they don't like a non Muslim being in charge.
So much so the president has demanded it gets sorted out and quickly.  Anyhow as a result, a load of hardliners, and other militant and peaceful Islamic groups from around the whole country met up in Jakarta, made the place come to a standstill and after 6pm (the time when the demonstration was legally meant to end) some of the less tolerant ones started kicking off resulting in a riot and lots of fear. Not really helpful because the rest of the day had been very well controlled so the riot only served to prove that there cant be a demonstration here without violence.

On Sunday, we decided to go to the National Monument and park with Jeremy so he can run about a bit and Yovita could go running and I could get up early and enjoy the park. So we did. After the usual farce of not getting a taxi to the house because no one can find it, we found one ourselves and headed to the Monas. It was very crowded for a change but it was also car free day and I guess people wanted to go out after the Friday issues.

Jeremy loves to run and in the grounds he can do just that and its great because I can get to chase after him and it keeps me fit too!

So we ran around the place until we saw buses and he wanted to go and look at them and then from there I saw a some police vehicles and many police men still around just in case there would be any further trouble around the area, so went to look at them and he became fascinated with the images from his shoe treads after walking on the wet grass for a while until Yovita came back and so we went off for breakfast.

As usual we took the wrong gate and then the wrong bus so we got off the bus, and then took an Bajaji to McDonalds and ate there. We wanted to go shopping after the walk so we had the taxi take us to the local supermarket but we couldn't park as  it was keep fit and full of sweaty women stretching so we went to another one and eventually once the shopping was done got home.
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