Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Out and About

September has almost gone. The rains are setting in. The floods are here and on sunny days its really skin burning hot. So nothing new really.
I have been getting used to longer days again and travelling across the city early in the morning and well after 5 years, its not that hard anymore. There is still something nice about Jakarta at sunrise as the city is still waking up and the streets are becoming busier and busier and the sun is looming large as it rises from 6am.

Back to St.Ursula I go and finally I have left Dunking Doughnuts. Their running out of coffee routine is not a good routine. Now there is a Starbucks next door to the school. A brand shiny new one which opens at 7 but the doors are open earlier so nothing is ready but the staff are still happy and smiley. So that's good.

I get to sit there for a bit and relax (even further) and then take a short walk to the school.

Walking to school I go past some historically important parts of the city, namely Pasar Baroe, The Istiqlal Mosque, St Mary Cathedral and I am short stroll from this fellow

The Irian Barat Statue

Here are some pictures of the school I am lucky enough to be in

The pictures are from the Elementary school

Jeremy has been busy too and made a new friend who was visiting from Australia. So he was lucky to spend a few days talking incessantly in English to another little boy. Guided by his aunt I am sure their days were full of mischief

And here is one of us in a lightning storm last Sunday at 7.30 at night.

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