Friday, 16 September 2016


Jeremy has fine hair, it curls a little as it gets long and that's the same as my hair. Its also fair to say that his grows at a fast speed and he has had probably no more than 5 haircuts in total. Ever. So when the time came this weekend, it was to be another noisy affair.


 Yovita had spent 4 days talking Jeremy round to say he wanted a haircut even though he doesn't like it and creates merry hell when has his haircut. But he eventually became excited and started to demand he went to have his haircut (a true sign he didn't mean it) and so on Sunday we went. Actually we went Wednesday, Saturday and twice on Sunday because every time we showed up the place was closed.  But eventually we went up the road and round the corner and the small open air barber shop was open.

Jeremy froze. Clinging to his mum, the barber proceeded to attempt to give him a number 3 all over (because he is not allowed a number 1, which is better) and the barber being a most patient man endured 20 minutes of head turning, screaming, wailing, being told to stop and tears to actually give Jeremy a pretty good haircut. The noise was enough to make the locals look up. Me smiling never helped.


And then it was my turn. Out of the chair went Jeremy, and in I went. This made Jeremy very happy and he then immediately stopped crying, screaming, complaining and wanted to know what I was doing and why. Also 'silly daddy having hair cut' was uttered and he was straight back to being happy carefree and calm about everything.

The result?  I ended up with a nice all over number 1, Jeremy a number 3 and the barber a 20,000 tip for 2 hair cuts that cost 30,000 in total. I did cut a few loose ends off him later that day when he was engrossed in Paw Patrol but he was fine with that.

Haircut 100 all round

Now we need to have him stop telling us he needs to go to hospital because he is sick and play on the slide. Because he isn't sick and and the slide is too small for him and we don't want to take to see a doctor. Bless.

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