Tuesday, 18 October 2016

A few days

I had one of those days on Friday thanks mainly to the fact that someone decided to steal my Tab and Phone when I was not looking leaving me me worried and anxious about everything and more paranoid than normal.

Watching this person wander up to my stuff, look about and then take it considering it was not even in plane sight was really depressing. I have wished him, his pets, his family and everyone else connected to him an uneasily death. Prolonged and painful. Ironically the tab is in a protective cover which is broken so it just slides out if you were not careful (where as I don't know anymore, nor care, just angry) and falls on the floor. It happened a couple of times to me so I hope it happened to the prick that stole it and broke. So that was the tab. My phone, whilst not my day to day phone was used for banking so I was more concerned about someone breaking into my online banking and then from there, stealing what money I had.  Both were less than 6 months old.

So after some frantic minutes of doom and gloom I changed all my passwords for Google, Facebook, Twitter, and others that I use including my work ones . Then set about to be generally pissed off all day. 
Keeping with the conspiracy theories, my work email has been hacked recently through my passwords (according to the IT guys at EF) and so that would mean someone who knew me doing this. So perhaps this is all part of the same conspiracy or just coincidence. 

Still no one took my money. 

The Google find my phone option doesn't work without a sim card so there was nothing I could to trace them or block them so I have given up. 

Saturday I made the trip to the Network 3 store to enquire about a new sim with the old number so I can continue banking online. That could be done. For reasons that escape me I have registered this number before and updated the sim so they had me on file. 10,000 rupiah later my online banking was back, which is a great thing.

At the end of the day I am poorer but wiser and more suspicious of everyone. As a good friend said on Sunday as we were on a train 'what did he look like?' To which I said 'Everyone on this train that is not a female, a child or us'. So an Indonesian male, brown skin, black hairs, dark eyes, with a rucksack wearing a jacket in 30 degree heat.


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