Saturday, 2 July 2016

Eid Mubarak 2016

Its that time again for the annual exodus from Jakarta to where ever by the good people of Jakarta. The end of the fasting season is approaching and Eid Mubarak is only a few days away. What this means is that many people will travel home to celebrate the end of fasting with their families from their home town.
In reality, according to the press 86% of all people in Jakarta are planning to leave the city over the holiday period. Thats about 8 million people. If they did, the city will be eerily quiet and just great. Sadly more come back than leave. But for 5 or so days, the place has a completely different feel to it and it is nicer.
Naturally taxis are more limited, as is food and some other services but if you don't worry about that stuff then Jakarta is the place to be.
Its is the place to be for me and the family, because of work commitments and the fact I don't like travel in overly busy places, we are staying home to enjoy the silence. There is, I am sure a hotel stay in the coming week. But, it is a week off work and a week of reduced noise and chaos.

So for you people that complain about weekend or holiday traffic, come here and enjoy the spectacle of people going home

Take a ferry

Enjoy the sunrise

Sit in the traffic

Ride in the traffic

Enjoy views of the countryside

Pack the bike on the bike rack

So happy Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating it far and wide and for everyone else, enjoy the holiday.

* I have taken the liberty of taking photos from:,,, and  TMC Polda Metro Jaya  on Twitter so thank you for that.

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