Tuesday, 14 June 2016

How old am I?

I just had my birthday, which for most of the day had me convinced I was 45 (I am not the best at math) but actually I am only 44. Still, there was cake and beer and silence and time off from work so the age became less important.
I have had some time off recently and have more coming next week and then a week off in July for the Idul Fitry Muslim holiday so that's good. This means I can spend more time with Jeremy and the family and do stuff I need to do and also do nothing, which I need to do more.
So on my birthday, Jeremy was sent off to grans as normal and then I went off out for a haircut and some random shopping and what with it being Ramadhan the malls were empty, the streets still full of traffic but that was OK.
I then spent the afternoon and evening with family eating cake and drinking beer and it was a quiet day.

I took Jeremy to work on the Saturday because he hadn't been for a while and once he remembered where he was he was off exploring and climbing up and down the stairs. He spent time with the giant Interactive whiteboard and played some of the learning games we have but he was far too restless to do anything else and so carried on running about. Once home, he passed out for a few hours, probably due to the amount excitement and energy produced through the morning. This meant he slept fairly early but at 3.30 am we were up and sat of the sofa because for reasons unknown he was wide awake and full of life. He managed to be like that until gone 1 pm when after shopping he fell asleep in the taxi and then slept for 2 hours in the afternoon.

Messing around

Climbing stairs at work

It was also haircut day for Jeremy. He is not a fan of this and although he kind of liked Kiddie cuts and did not scream the place down, he was not that happy there. The last time we had his haircut round the corner from the house (15,000 idr vs 100,000 at Kiddiecuts) he screamed and stressed everyone one out so we left. This time we never left. Jeremy had already said no to a haircut prior to us taking him but he did need it so we once the queue has gone it was his turn. With both me and Yovita holding him still and going deaf in the process due to his wailing and protesting, he had his hair cut. It was even almost finished and I am sure the barber was happy with that. We paid him twice as much as normal for his efforts which hopefully showed we knew it was hard for him. Strangely enough with young children once whatever they don't like stops, they stop and we had him singing and waving goodbye to the barber almost immediately. We stopped off at Indomaret for ice cream and a bubble maker to make him happier and went home.

New Hair

Both of us have 'new hair'

Jeremy now has less hair and wont need to go back for a few months. He did sleep well again Sunday night, I guess the stress made him tired but his happiness never dipped for long.

The next challenge will the booster vaccination in July he needs. I will bring earplugs for that!
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