Friday, 1 November 2013

Yamaha Bike service

Riding with no front lamp or brakes, sort makes you realise its time to get the bike serviced. Getting time to do that is often really hard but it has to be done.
So today on my day off, instead of sleeping in and playing with Jeremy I got up early, service book in hand and rode off to get the bike serviced. The plan to drop it off at the local Yamaha service shop and then go and have breakfast and come back and collect it later.
The local service station was great and well known for its service. However on arrival I find its closed down, gone. Never to reopen. 

This is 7.30am on a very busy Friday morning. I really need the bike sorted out and this weekend too. Otherwise I would be worried that the bike will just break down.

Undetered by this I set off south and head to the zoo and then take a left into unknown riding country. I end up at Pejaten and then to Pasar Minggu which is a sprawling mess of a market then into the worst traffic and back toward my house. I spot in the distance a Yamaha service station and so cutting across 3 lanes of grumpy and snarled up traffic I do a U-turn and roll into the place.

Being English and attempting no English I hand the girl behind the service desk a note with a list of things that need fixing. I am number 5. Which is good.

So  I sit with the others and watch as the bikes are taken apart, serviced, put back together and then collected and so on.

My bike seemed to take the longest time to get serviced probably due to the list of things needed doing; new front lamp, brakes, oil, tune, chain needs tightening and the horn does not work always. But the man fixing it 'Ray' seemed to do all this with ease. 

My dirty old bike is the middle one

180,000 idr later or just over 12 English pounds its all back together and well I rode it home and its all nice again.

Having a Friday off means I have a little time for me which is always welcome. Upon getting back to drop the bike off, I can hear Jeremy screaming. Not in pain or in hunger but in happiness as he is playing with our housekeeper. This screaming makes the head spin....

Then off to meet Yovita for a quick lunch in the city and now its a few beers in a bar (Barley and Hops, Epicentrum) in the city playing 80's soft rock and drinking buy one get one Heineken. 

First time for a very long time I have been able to do this and its good. 
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