Sunday, 10 November 2013

Start of the rainy season

I could be wrong and often am but I do believe the rainy season is beginning albeit slowly. However over the past couple of weeks there has been some big storms around the city, flooding in areas despite the drains and river being cleaned up and emptied of rubbish and muck and silt. 

So far I have been lucky with my journeys to and from work. Travelling 16km each way one sees a lot of different things, apart from the traffic. The skies in the south are often different to the skies in the west and the haze/pollution/smog that is in the west is not found where I am. 

Friday morning was a great example of a near miss because as I headed into Tomang, I could see that the clouds were building and it was getting it windy so by the time I arrived in Puri, it was dark and the clouds were gathered ready to burst. And they did for over an hour. In some parts of the city there was the inevitable and usual chaos because of it. Still the storm looked in impressive from inside the building. 

The average temperature at the moment here is around 32 during the day though I suspect days like today are more at 38. The evenings and early mornings seem to cool down and with the wind in the right direction, you can feel the coolness and the temperature reaches around 26 which is er, almost cold!!!
There is a sign near Tebet which tells the temperature and it said 38 today. Where I teach in St.Ursula, the temperature is often 34 degrees outside. When the storms come the temperature drops a little to say 29 and then as soon as the storm passes it rises again. 

The storms on Friday were so strong that they knocked out the internet for our school and probably countless other places. This is normal. It rains, the internet goes down but it appears that there has been some serious damage this time because the internet was still down Saturday and I have a nagging feeling it will be the same for Monday. I hope I am wrong. 

As I am sat writing this the wind has picked up and the clouds are gathering slowly to the east and west and the blue sky is disappearing. By dusk I feel a storm will be here but as long as it has passed and all dried up before 5.30am (when I leave for teaching tomorrow) let it come and let it pour. My house will not flood even though the road 50 meters either side will. 

Me now, life can be so hard sometimes
Once December comes then the rainy season will become more fierce in Jakarta with January being normally the worst month. I will need to buy a new raincoat and trousers before then, just in case. The bike has so far been great in the storms and I suspect it will continue to be so. I hope so. But from experience, every time I choose not to fill the bike with fuel until the last minute I have to ride home in a great storm and torrential rain. 
Typical days weather and view from my house

Signs that the rainy season is coming and that it will rain 

When it rains, it rains

Then blue skies again and all is nice and hot
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