Sunday, 15 September 2013

Recently in Jakarta

As usual I have not been up to much recently concentrating mainly on Jeremy at the weekends and working morning to night through the week so I have been, am and will continue to be rather tired.

Jeremy turned 4 months and he is now able to turnover, crawl a little, grab and hold on for dear life, produce the most exotic smells with green poo, recognise and smile at those he sees daily. He can scream at ear splitting volume not because he is hungry or grumpy, this is when he is happy. He enjoys babbling and burbling along and playing with his toys and dribbling over everything and is fun to be with.
The latest check up at the doctor was good and he is doing well if not a little over weight, but no one is concerned about that yet.
He likes being on his front now so he can crawl more
He does not like crowds but then who does but he never cries much in taxis or out and about in malls or anywhere else. He is out growing things he has and has moved to M in nappies with perhaps into L next month. Being allergic to some things which we are not entirely sure of what, he is on Hypo Allergenic milk which of course is not the cheapest and they only do small tins so tha'ts that. Hopefully after 6 months that will change.

Getting to work has been a lot easier at the moment, as I am having to be there by 6am so I can then get to the teachers house by 6.30am, change and leave for school where I teach. This means my journey in the morning is cut by 10 minutes due to the traffic at 5.30am being lighter.
After 4 years the bikes battery finally died and so for a tenner it was replaced and everything is good with the old dream machine again. A service is due soon but I should wash it first but I think the service is more likely.

The rain has been holding off apart the odd small shower and so the days are dry and dusty and humid. Nice when there is a breeze. Often there is no breeze. The city's plants are starting too look a little dead and the roads whilst dry have even more cracks and holes in them. There does not seem to be anyone fixing them. The holes are getting bigger and the drains are getting blocked by the dust. As soon as it rains for an hour here the city is going to grind to a spectacular halt, like it does every time. The river near EF is now very low which means the mud is above the water line and drying out, so the smell is something to truly behold. Some engineers cleared out a load of debris and built up soil to make the river run clearer but the debris is back and flowing ever slowly to the ocean.

The price of food and fuel does seem to be getting more expensive. Fruit and Veg in the supermarkets as most is imported into the country is over priced and the local stuff outside is cheap but not too good. Mango season is not yet here but it will be happy days when it is. The local store across the house sells almost everything I need for my weekly shop in one form or another. The old man down the road kills chickens and butchers some animal in the morning should I get brave enough to buy from him (I won't) and eggs are 19,000 a kilo or just over a pound. A kilo of eggs this week is 16 eggs. Great. Oil, rice and sugar are cheap as well so I do wonder why we need to go to a supermarket. I guess it just feels better.
The local store is down there behind the red cover honest.
And then I was given a gift. A camera. Not just some normal camera but a top of the range, need to sit and read the manual for this one, 20 megapixel state of the art, best pictures ever camera which is all singing and dancing. We are very happy. My old Sony camera has had a relapse and needs to be repaired. It lasted 7 long years and endured, glaciers, the sea, sand dunes, freezing weather, boiling weather, boat rides, motorbike rides and constant use. I hope this Sony lasts as long. Now I just need to get out and about and use it, that will be soon.

This camera is awesome.

So, just recently busy not busy. I leave you with my last tale of a busway journey. I took the bus home on Friday night much to my colleagues and the wifes surprise as I was in a building at Slipi and at 7.45 did not want the driver to take me home as it would take too long. I was going to take a taxi but I saw a TransJakarta bus go by empty so I hot footed it to the nearest  busway shelter and then took the bus to Pancoran. That cost me 3,500 rupiah and 30 minutes. In this empty bus an old man sat next to me and started to sleep and snore. When the bus stopped he woke and picked his nose and then went back to sleep until I got up to get off the bus. 30 minutes of memories never to be forgotten....

Friday night traffic heading east out of the city

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