Saturday, 21 September 2013

5 years later

Its a minor celebration for me this week as my blog; Jakarta News celebrates its fifth year of existence and it is still going strong. How many personal bloggers can say that?

5 years on, 270 posts, visited by people in over 170 countries with over 64,000 page loads, it is work in progress. With the arrival of Jeremy, my time and priorities have changed and so I am currently writing less which does irk as I find writing my ramblings most enjoyable but Jeremy is the only thing that truly matters;
Still I wont be giving up just yet. 
The small party I had to celebrate taken with an Edwardian Filter. Amazing results
The rest of this year will bring more posts and I am sure that there will be plenty to talk about. I am as ever happy to share my thoughts and feelings and photos about most things and if there are any willing guest bloggers do let me know as I am always happy to have some new content and perspectives on here.

So thank you dear readers for stopping to have a look at my blog, I would be honoured as ever if you could or would comment on what you see. 

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