Sunday, 4 November 2012

Quiet times

Ah Sunday in the city. Quiet and stress free. Laundry day. Shopping day and not much else day. It used to be drinking all day as well day but I because I have a full schedule on the Monday with a 5am start, that bit has changed, and moved to the Saturday !

So what to do on a Sunday morning? Well if you have the energy, there is the car free event on Sudirman and the chance to cycle or walk in relative peace in that part of the city. Or stay in bed. For me, it is still one of finding a chilled out quiet coffee shop and breakfasting until the afternoon. Reading, relaxing, getting sugared up on sweet coffee.

Coffee Bean in Tebet (TIS)

With the wife pregnant, she has moved away from Starbucks as she has gone off the coffee which suits me down to the ground and so we now go to anywhere else. Coffee Bean is my favourite and all are nice, as long as they have the sandwiches!!!

There is I am pretty certain more to be done than lazing around but after a 60 hour week at work and 6 days of it, I really don't care about being busy or doing something that is exciting or interesting. I should take more photos, but I say that a lot. There is a lot more to see. However, there is always tomorrow.

When I was a teachers and living in the teachers house I used to do even less on a Sunday. Get up late. Stagger to a store for shopping. Home to sleep. Then out to a restaurant for food and then surf the internet until time to sleep. So not much has changed except there are two of us doing nothing. The wife is reading her way through as many novels as she can and enjoying the peace of the day and if I am not surfing the web then I too am reading.

Perhaps next week I will do something different. Perhaps
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