Sunday, 4 November 2012

Man Utd Jakarta

First things first, I am not, nor never have been a supporter of Manchester United Football club and nor will I be. I am not the worlds most football fan and but I do enjoying watching matches and do follow West Ham closely enough to know their league position and last result. I also will watch England play if it is on TV at a time earlier than 4am.

So imagine my good luck/ ill fortune to stagger from Aphrodites on Saturday after enjoying their buy one get one happy hour lagers to get cheesecakes from Starbucks into Epicentrum to be met by pretty much every single person wearing a Man Utd football shirt, hearing 1980's songs about the said team winning the cup at Wembley and seeing huge banners everywhere.

Also thanks to Bank Danamon, Andy Cole (I mentioned on Facebook Ashley Cole) was there also to cheer the crowd on.

All the fans (?) were Indonesian and they all seemed to be in good spirits with lots of singing and chanting. I am also sure the whole mall did well because every cafe, shop, restaurant and bar was full.

Happily for me all I needed to do was buy cheese cake, go to the Farmers Market underneath for a few bits and then go home and not follow the match.  They do say there are more followers of Manchester United outside of England than there are in. And with the amount of money being thrown at this event, the club must be happy.

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