Monday, 2 January 2012

Galaxy 10.1 Crashes

So, there I was happily using my tab for the use it was designed for; killing pigs with eggs, updating 4square and reading the news when for some and unknown reason it died. Simply froze and then went blank, no power, no life, nothing.
Sat in the departure lounge of an airport waiting to fly off for a holiday did not leave me that impressed,, not in the slightest.
So after a few deep breathes, I went to my phone and did some online searches and hey presto, I eventually got it back working again and it is now as good as ever and a lesson has been learnt, which is nice :)

Here are 10 things not to do to get it working (as I tried them all and none worked)

  1. shaking it
  2. dropping it
  3. stroking it nicely, its not a cat
  4. shouting at it
  5. looking at it with forlorn
  6. crying
  7. generally looking pissed off with the world and yourself
  8. repeatedly pressing the 3 buttons (volume and on/off) in sheer desperation
  9. removing the sim card and then replacing it
  10. being sad
Instead, try these things, but do so at your own risk and with out blaming me if things get worse
  1. do try to switch it back on, if that does not work, then leave it a while a try again
  2. plug in the charger to see if the screen will show a charging battery, if not don't despair
  3. hold the power key and the + volume button, this might get the start up screen, if it does, you are off
  4. hold the power key and  the - volume button, this might get the start up screen if it does, you are off
  5. hold the power key down and press the screen (at the same time) for between 8 and 30 seconds and that might restart your tab
  6. Search the net for 'reset galaxy tab 10.1' and follow the advice there.
If your tab asks for a factory reset, this means it will wipe all your SD cards memory. Think wisely before you say yes to that. Also I have no idea if this works for any other type of tab so I would direct you to point 6 because the information I have provided is for the 10.1 tab only. 

Option 5 worked for me. I never had to factory reset so I was lucky.

Just saying
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