Sunday, 31 January 2010


Today is Sunday. It is 6.08pm. I am sat in my office working, well I am sat in my office. It is dark now and will rain soon.
I have been working all weekend as part of the recruitment weekend for the school. I want to go home. I need some time off.

This will be a real short blog. I might even list it.

Monday - Work
Tuesday - Same
Repeat from Wednesday to today.

Saturday night was pizza with my girlfriend as she was helping sort the AC for my apartment. Now Tuesday for Installation.

The apartment management have removed my flip flops from outside my apartment as they are not allowed there and so I have to go and collect them.

It has been hot and rainy all week.

I have not drank more than 3 beers all week and am pretty bored of red sausages while toasted tuna sarnies are in.

I had KFC for lunch today, I actually enjoyed it.

I hope I have more to write next week......
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