Monday, 11 January 2010

Hero Supermarket prices are never accurate

The title 'Hero Supermarket prices are never accurate' is also a fact. How do I know? Many reasons, the majority of them being that every time I shop in Hero Mediterania 1 Tanjung Duren I have an issue with the bill. Normally I let it go as well it aint worth the hassle but sometimes you have to complain and when it comes to beer it is a crime.
The other thing is after 16 years of working in Food Retail you get to learn when prices are not right and the deals dont work. It is shameful and anywhere else illegal.

So beware, they have offers and other prices displayed but they are not accurate.

Rights thats my complaint for the hour.

Its been a long and long week. All through this week I have been reading on Facebook about the weather in England and how everything is shut due to the snow and also reading the BBC news to find out what calamity England is facing with the worst snowfall in 30 years. Some parts of me wish to be there to see it others glad its hot. I dont really miss the cold and had I gone back to visit for a few weeks I would have been snow bound at Mums, eating her out of house and home and drinking fathers alcohol like it was going out of fashion so maybe better I am still here, sweating it out, dodging the rain and considering whether skin cancer is a possibility in this city with hot sun and pollution and no sun cream, one never knows.

Its been a frightfully long week and the first week back with lots of report to write and teaching to do and other things. Its never good to go back but the start of the week was good as the teachers were still happy from their holdiays and everything was good at work. We have a new marketing girl so thats a start. New classes next week, new private students, A school car and driver and new hope for the new year.

snow over the hills, close to my home in England

I met my private business student in Starbucks on Tuesday and that was good. I had been to Puri mall in the morning to buy a birthday card so it was strange to go back again. Only orange juice for a change but the promise of Advocado Coffee next week in Excelsio coffee bar....
My TOEFL class also finished this week. Smiles all round. Its been a long course and we are all pleased that is over.
I left the school on Tuesday and went to Yovitas to deliver her birthday card late at night, that surprised her and made her smile which was good. The rain and the traffic made the trip more fun and worth while too.

It was her 28th birthday and she spent it at work and I could not see her on her day as I was working until late and no time so that had to wait until the weekend.

I am off to a conference in Bandung with EF next week and so I have to write lots of reports, I also have a teacher looking for work elsewhere and so had to spend time writing references and taking calls for him. I hope he finds something good to keep him focused and happy. He is a good teacher and a good man.

I was told that I had a new teacher arriving on the weekend and so this means I have to go to the airport and meet and greet. The information I was given was in a manner of words wrong.
I had to go to the airport to meet a flight that never existed at 7.30 in the morning. The flight was supposed to be at 1.15pm. So I waited there for a few hours and then very fed up returned to home then went to work where I have to voice my complaints and then it was made even worse by the fact that I could not go back to the airport to meet the new teacher at 1pm as there was no car for me to take, so a local had to do it. Now I am not against that but it does not help relations with the new teacher.

So the new teacher never arrived on Friday so that meant that I had to go to the airport on Saturday. This kind of ruined all my plans as I have been looking at places to live as my lease is up and I need to find somewhere to stay. My landlady whilst lovely has decided to bump the price up and frankly, I dont think it worth it so that is why I have been looking around. At apartments and housing.

I went to work on Saturday and there was no one there but customers as there was a meeting for all staff and so I had to help sort that out. After a few hours I was looking to leave and so I got someone to find out if I was too go to the airport for the afternoon as I was meeting Yovita to look at a house fairly close to the school.
Luckily for me personally but not work wise, the name of the teacher did not appear on the flight list of names and so that meant I did not mean to have to go.
We went to look at a house close by and the house was a 2 bedroom house that was being refurbished. I had a look round and I dont know if I am spoilt by my apartment but it was not to my liking so I said thank you and left. 2010 will see me in an apartment.

From there we rode back into the city and time to buy Yovitas birthday present which was a notebook. Not one made of paper but a Lenovo one with Windows XP. It took 20 mins to buy and she was happy. Thats good. Then to eat KFC and then back to Citra Land, next to my apartment to test it out and make sure it works. It does and we are all happy.

We the got back to the apartment and then went to a property agent and asked for empty units and was offered 2. One in my tower 2 floors higher and one in the new tower Jasmine on the 28th floor. So we went to look at that and I said yes straight away. It is exactly the same as mine, give or take a few things but if I am lucky enough to get it I have a view straight over the city with nothing being built in its way. It will come with AC and is not much more expensive than this one. Why move? why not......

Fingers crossed, I hope I get it, I need to put a deposit down but I dont have that at the moment but I will very shortly.

I went to Central Park today and the opening soon signs are still there. Why? There are many places that are open but there are still many empty lots with lots of people going there to shop although it is many at Carrefour  they go.
JCO is always busy as there is no other coffee shop as Starbucks is still coming soon.
The worse thing is that they have the christmas decorations up, the christmas carols still playing and Barney is holding a christmas show there. Obviously they have not heard of the 12 days of christmas.

A long week with many events some great and some not so great. But never boring just always busy...

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