Tuesday, 10 January 2017

10 Years later

It was a cold rainy morning when I left my parents house back in January 2007 to get the bus to the travel lodge at Gatwick where first thing the next morning I would board an Ethihad plane and fly to Jakarta, stopping in Abu Dhabi for a bit before the long stretch across the Indian Ocean and then arriving in Jakarta.

Back in 2008

10 years ago, phone in hand

Since then I have returned to the UK only twice and whilst I perhaps should have returned more often, I have been more than happy here. Knowing that the future here is more cloudy and uncertain than being in England adds an edge to life and also has taught me how to cope and accept what I have rather than what I think I need.

I also got married and we now have a healthy if not a large overly energetic 3 year old who will be starting school this year! 

July 2013
July 2012

My work has seen me move from being a teacher to a senior training manager (its a title) and from Cengkareng by the airport to Puri Indah by the toll way. My job is as diverse and challenging as ever and the grey hairs it has given me are probably all down to the fact that I take what I do seriously and want to succeed.  My home has taken me from shared teachers houses to apartments to small housing where I was robbed to the current over valued house I am in now. But where we are is great for Jeremy because he is near all Yovita's family and so that helps him grow and be among people who care for him. 

Ten years in Jakarta and despite a cough and the odd stomach bug I still believe I am strong and fit although running upstairs is often a challenge but that might be because I am not used to it. I ignore the heat more but stay out of the sun. I eat more fresh food and less processed food but never turn away junk food. 

With Jeremy (almost the same height)
10 years later phone still in hand
Me and Jeremy 2017

2017 will provide hopefully less stressful work related challenges and more new family experiences and with a fair wind and a strong sail the storms that the year will bring will be weathered pretty easily. 
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