Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Busy Week Part 1

It's been a while since I have written anything and to be honest I have been busy with work or at home with Jeremy. He is a handful now and full of life and movement and everyday he never fails to impress me through his ability to do or say something new and his never ending happiness which is something I am keen to preserve for as long as I can.

Last Sunday we went for an afternoon stroll as he was wanting to go out to see a bus or train and he knows near where we live in the Naval housing area there are some buses that park up over the weekend so off we went. He was happy because we saw several buses, a tower crane, a digger and then we ended up on the Aviation schools playing fields where he could run around on the grass. If I had taken a ball with me I am sure he would have kicked at it for while but instead he was happy to run around. For me I was happy not only because he was running around but there was a surface to air missile launcher on the back of an Army Land Rover parked up. It was there because in the city there were some heads of state so the military was out in force all over the place ready to protect everyone. How safe I felt.

The missile launcher is in the middle of the picture. I would
 get any closer just in case the soldiers came out running,
which wouldn't be a good thing.

Running about

Playing with the flag pole

Wednesday there was the rare event of a Full Eclipse and so I was up early in the morning ready to observe it. The total eclipse was not happening in Jakarta but it would be a partial Eclipse only, however the sun was so bright as there was not a cloud in the sky that you couldn't see anything although it was there. It did cool down and became slightly darker for a while but that was about it. In some parts of Indonesia there was complete darkness which I still have to experience and I am sure I can wait another 23 years or so. There are no photos as  I don' t have any filters for my camera that could  produce good pictures. Ah well. It was also the major Hindu holiday of Nyepi or the day of silence or Saka New year, whatever it was, I had a day off because of it and that was nice.

Then on Friday, I went out of country and flew to Singapore. This time I actually left the airport and travelled into the city in search of things I wanted to buy. I ended up only buying toys in Toys R Us for Jeremy before getting bored of the heat and getting back on the MRT and waiting for my flight back to Jakarta. Singapore is truly an amazing city but to be honest it not really inspiring at the moment although I do enjoy flying there and back and the airport is nice and always something to do.

These 3 were on Orchard Road at the Ion Mall

Sky train

T3 Gate area A, there are frogs in a band

Its a 10 minute walk at least from here to my 
departure gate.

The flights were on time almost early and they were not full. However we arrived and left from departure gate 18 in Singapore which is about 15 minutes from the Immigration desks, the airport is that big. In Jakarta, flying with Lion Air meant getting on a bus to the plane and back again as the airport is over full. It will be good when the new terminal opens because hopefully that will stop that, or Lion completely move all their flights to Jakarta's other Airport at Halim.

For me, that was a busy week. With only 3 days work and holiday and a trip to Singapore, all that made a refreshing change.

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