Monday, 5 October 2015

Things that are happening in Jakarta

Here is a short list of things that are happening in the city which are good bad indifferent all at the same time and some nationwide ones. Its been a while since I have compiled a list of stuff.

  • There is a new Terminal being built at at the airport Terminal 4) which is all modern and things
  • If you are flying international with Lion Air, you still need to check in at T2 and then they bus you half way around the airport to get on a plane outside T3
  • The rail link proposed has been shelved for now or if it is still going to be built is being delayed.
  • The rail network is expanding throughout the country and Jakarta with new stations and longer platforms in the city and and railways being built across the country
  • There will be a higher speed rail link between Jakarta and Bandung to be built
  • Uber Taxis are not really welcome here
  • GoJek, Grab Bike and Blu Jek are the latest mobile app for ordering motorbike taxis, good for short distances, expensive for long. But its not rained yet so lets see what happens
  • The police are concerned about these groups delivering drugs unawares as its seems to have started
  • Bajais (blue ones) with have their own app soon.
  • There are new Scania buses on the busway now but not all over the busway
  • The police have commented that there are 420 traffic blackspots through the city and it will get worse
  • There are currently many major infrastructure developments across the city including the MRT (overground and underground) elevated Bus lanes, Flyovers which are on most of the major routes through the city which are causing huge issues.
  • The extra lane on the toll from Tangerang into Grogol has been closed making morning trips into the city from work so much longer.
  • The Rupiah is currently struggling against the dollar and once it reaches 15,000 then it will make it even harder for everyone as things are becoming expensive. 
  • If you are English, then fly to Indonesia as the rate is a fantastic 1gbp = 22,000 rupiah (at this moment in time) which means I cant afford to fly home for a holiday as I am paid in Rupiah
  • The Dollar is currently $1 = 14475
  • There will a shift in fuel price downward at some point this week
  • Hero Supermarkets are closing stores both Hero and Giant brands
  • The Giant at Semanggi has closed for good
  • Alcohol sales are being reviewed in the city with the hope that Beer can be sold again in mini markets and stores
  • The price of beer has not really moved since it has been banned in nearly all stores
  • There was a 150% increase in tax on imported clothing and goods which was helpful
  • There is a desire to close clubs and bars here at midnight instead of 2am to help reduce drug useage
  • There will be an increase in taxation of cigarettes but its still OK to sell them to anyone who wants them
  • Nappies have become more expensive now Jeremy is XXL but milk gets cheaper
  • The small shopping plaza thing called Tebet Green closed down as there was an issue with the tax payments
  • It has not rained for 3 months now and its just dry and dusty with more of this to come
  • The fires in Sumatra and Kalimantan are made worse because of the dry season, El Nino is to blame
  • There was no blood moon as the optical effect does not happen here
  • Mobile phone manufactures have to make products here. The Galaxy note 5 is made here
  • Samsung is not the most popular make of phone here any more due to local or region made phones being more affordable and offer the same Android stuff
  • The phone networks are planning 4G through Jakarta. I am waiting for 3G still for my area
  • I still cant get Internet cable to my house
  • The internet at work is transmitted over the air rather than through cables
  • There are now 3 fully functional huge shopping malls 5 minutes from work that I still don't need to visit
  • US size 13 trainers here are impossible to find unless they are bright red or something equally abhorrent
  • After surveying many students, nearly all said that they would never date in a Cemetery and this was their top or second from top answer, fast food outlets were also a no no
  • Car Free Sundays are now almost impossible to walk or enjoy due to the amount of push bikes and sponsored runs along the route so I have to stay in bed now
  • If I take Jeremy on the bus I am given a seat by the conductor whether I want one or not (transjakarta)
  • Visas to other countries become easier to obtain once an initial visa to somewhere has been approved (not including ASEAN countries)
  • There is a big Samsung repair centre at ITC Ambasador with the one at Pacific place being closed
  • With all the issues and publicity concerning air pollution there is no actual measurements of the air quality in Jakarta that I am aware of
  • Riding your bike on a scalped tarmac road is no fun and you really shouldn't go above 35kph 
  • Dog is a popular food in Jakarta but it is unregulated but the rest is too unsettling
  • 70% of all public spaces do not follow the no smoking bans in place mainly through fear of telling someone not to smoke because that person is probably a moron who cant read the no smoking signs
All information is from news sources such as the Jakarta Post, Jakarta Globe, Jakarta Coconuts and from my own experience. 
If this stuff is not quite right, well its what I know at the moment.

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