Thursday, 5 March 2015

Jeremy at 22 Months

In 2 months time Jeremy will be 2. That has come round so quickly and everything has been now, thinking back, a blur.
In those 22 months he has grown and changed everyday and continues to delight and amaze me with his ability to learn, his activity and energy and his interest in everything.

 He has probably all his teeth. He likes to show me when he has finished eating by opening his mouth to tell me its empty. He tells me when he wants more, when there is something on the floor or an ant or something. He gets tissues and phones when asked and asks for water or milk.

He can sit still and watch TV for up to 10 minutes at a time before moving or running about and asks for Charlie and Lola on Cbeebies. He knows and can say some of the words to 'Steal My girl' by One direction (although that has nothing to do with me). He knows animals and which ones are scary, he growls, which ones are birds or cats, fish, dogs, bugs etc. Owls, Cats, Dogs, Bugs, Birds, Deer, Cow, Pigs, he can call by name or by sound.
Apples and bananas he can ask for.

He likes to scribble over everything. He can play with toy cars and make the noises. He fetches, he carries and he behaves most of the time.  For me all this is awesome and great to watch. He also loves buses, big and small. Toy or real and those really sad bus videos on You Tube when he will watch them and shout 'bus' at every moment a bus goes by. Buses are a big deal

He is past his allergy of lactose, he will eat almost anything. He will drink and eat almost everything he is given and will say no if he does not like it or want it.

Jeremy is now 14.4kg a little more than he was in October and is around 90cm a fair few centimeters taller than October and is fit and healthy. We had to take him to the Dr on Saturday because he had a week long cough and it was down to the common cold or flu virus and so medicine soon sorted that out. Carrying him around in the hospital he would point at the mothers with babies and say 'baybi' to them. Standing next to other little children he would touch their face but no in a bad way but it would be a little worrying for me. I have not seen him interact with other children and I really do not know how he behaves around them. He still has a long way to go before sharing with others really comes into his mind and he can rationalise things like that but I will teach best I can.

We now have TV downstairs and now he looks at the TV when it is on and expects it to be put on then and happily will get bored of it and go and do something and then go back to it if there something he likes. Baby TV and Cbeebies, Oggy and the Cockroaches and slowly but surely Gumball are his favourites and so I now know about Numtums, Charlie and Lola, Dinopaws, Sarah and Duck, etc The things you learn.

Our next adventure will be a train trip with him, a tricycle and having encouraging to speak more and make more sense.

His birthday will also be fantastic, and thats not long either.
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