Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Fire Trucks Jakarta

Getting to work this morning, I was met with a scene of relative chaos. Firetrucks, security and car parking attendants running about, people taking photos and the power cut off.

There had been it seems, a minor fire in the same block as the school above the cake shop.

So as I watched it all happen a further 2 very big fire trucks rolled up and several quick response units followed by the police and other officials from somewhere. The building however showed no sign of smoke or fire and the fire fighters that went into the building did not really take hoses or anything but did have ventilators on.

The local fire truck

Another smaller one

A quick video of the trucks as there was no fire. 

It was interesting to watch, then it got too hot so I went back to work and sat in the dark for an hour until the power was restored.

This is a small vine video of the river outside the school. How nice it is....

Oh and yes the videos aren't great. One is from Vine and the other I played about with, but you get the general idea.

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