Saturday, 9 August 2014

Batavia Apartments Jakarta

During my week long break we decided to stay in a hotel for a few days to break up the routine and give us a break. With 2 kids hotels become more expensive or the rooms become more cramped and then extra beds are needed and I see no fun in that. Browsing Agoda for a few days we eventually settled on the idea of staying in an apartment rather than a hotel. We had it down to Puri Casablanca or Batavia Apartments both are well located and reasonably priced. 
We went with Batavia apartments and for 800k a night we had a 2 bedroom apartment, bed and breakfast and all the spoils of a hotel, which cant be bad.

Our room was on the 12th floor facing west so it had a great view. There are 2 towers at the complex and we were in tower 2. The apartments have a steady stream of Gamya taxis outside and there are plenty of little stores, banks, pharmacies anda pizz hut outside. The nearest mall would probably be Semanggi as the apartments are in Benhil which is next to Sudirman.

The apartment was huge with a modern western kitchen complete with full gas oven and a microwave. Dishes and cutlery and cups etc. A washing machine and space to dry clothes. The bathroom was small but had a bath and shower but there was loads of hot water. The 2 bedrooms both had double beds and all the main rooms had AC. The main seating area was very big and for the money, it was great value.

There is a pool and gym on the fifth floor and so Jeremy had some time and fun splashing about in the water with his mum dad and brother. The views from the poolside were great and with the sun shining made the place a great spot.

I guess the only draw backs were the lack of breakfast items when we arrived at 8am. Nearly everything had been emptied and the staff seemed very reluctant to refill anything ay all. The TV and cable has 2 movie channels which were apalling and there were no instructions on how to use the cable tv and tv which made a great challenge.

Thats about it really. What did we do? Nothing. Sat about, swam, rested, played, cooked and ate. There was no desire to do anything else really. 

We are considering going back for a few days over Christmas. We may. 

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