Saturday, 15 February 2014

Jeremy's health

With all the wet and humid weather around recently it seems everyone in the house has been battling with some kind of virus or bug recently.

I seem to have been blamed for it all because I spent a lot of January with a bad throat and cough and a voice threatening to leave and leave me silent, but it went eventually but then the cough and flu like symptoms decided to creep into everyone else, leaving Yovita sick, Belvan sick, our house keeper sick and Jeremy sick as well. None of which was good.

Jeremy had a small fall the other week and after a trip to the hospital and some xrays etc he was deemed OK and to be honest once we cleaned him up he cheered up and was not really worse for the wear. However he did develop a fever and a cough but we put that down the recent measles jab. His fever became a little more intense recently and so we took him back to the hospital for a check up. He has also contracted a stomach bug and so has a lots of runny poo, not total diarrhoea but enough to be worried about. He had a thorough examination and the only that is currently bothering him is the stomach bug, but it has not slowed him down and he is excited and happy as ever now the fever has gone. He still wakes around 1am for food and then is content to sleep in til 7 as are when we can.

Hopefully it will clear up this weekend otherwise we need to take samples to the lab at hospital to find out what is wrong. I am sure that will happen :(

His teeth are coming through and he has taken to try to bite things and people which is being hugely discouraged. He is teething a lot and has itchy gums but that does not seem to upset him too much. He still eats and drinks away which is always the best sign.

We are still waiting for the first real unaided steps and also the first real words to come and I am sure that those things will be happening before his first birthday.

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