Thursday, 9 January 2014

Views of Jakarta

I was lucky enough to spend the first weekend of 2014 in a 5 star hotel to help celebrate Yovitas birthday and just enjoy the time there. The hotel was the Mulia Senayan and I have stayed there a few times and it is always a good place to stay.
This time on arrival the hotel was deserted, it was the quietest I have seen it which was nice. We were lucky enough to have a Junior suite up on the 35th floor.

The room itself was huge and like the times before full of all the luxuries you need including a fantastic bathroom complete with an electronic toilet, which lid opened when you went near it, closed when you left. The seat was automatically warmed for you and the spray could be controlled at the end by the touch of a button and then the drying was a weird warm air up your bum sort of sensation. It was interesting but not really that interesting.

What was interesting however, was the view. From my windows we looked out to the west and and the north, so much so I could see the mountains to the southwest and also the ocean and some Thousand Islands.

I spent much of my time looking out to the view because for me, it was a rare occasion to see the city like that and it was well worth it.

Yes that's a volcano in the distance

That's the Java sea

Jeremy enjoyed the view as well

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