Sunday, 7 October 2012

Mampang Part 1

Lets call this part 1 as I am sure to be including more pictures etc from around where I live. Living in the south of the city is not too different to living in any other part of the city. I don't live in a gated and guarded complex, I live in amongst 'it' all in a busy street, a busy noisy street just off the main drag to Ragunan or Kuninghan.

Still its a vibrant and thriving place with always things happening and people and sellers passing by so that good. Living in a gated compound it was profoundly quiet and whilst that was OK, at times you could forget you were not living in the west as everything seemed so normal. Here, where I am however. Normal is something I can't call it, so much so that I will be staying here for a few more years and taking the death race to work and back daily. Challenge accepted.

 Cheap mangos straight off the back of a truck

 Pulsa on the streets

 Suster Kepeng coming to movie theatre near you if you are brave/stupid enough to watch

 Smart Car Showroom, full of cars you dont see on the streets in Jakarta, so who buys them?

 Small lane (gang) to ? still nice and clean

 Pretty bush in the streets

 Who ever lives there is paid to have their house covered in promotional advertising from the roof down

 In my street, a gas bottle seller

 This truck is being refurbished slowly

 Food stall with outside seating and outside washing up area, not for the faint hearted

Busy little lane that leads to a mosque, the mattress is probably being left to dry after an 'accident'? 

 Building a new house with bamboo and no shoes

Sunday afternoon is a quiet time for this little shop 

Another mystery food stall. A mystery to when it opens or who eats there.

I think time to start wandering further into the little lanes with camera/camera phone in hand see whats what. 
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