Sunday, 16 September 2012


For the 3 months the city has been sweltering with no real end in sight. Daily temperatures are around 32 degrees and in the early morning they are around 27 degrees.
This is before any humidity or anything else nature throws at you to make it feel any hotter. The air is dry and full of bad air, the sun rises as a big red ball and sets pretty much the same colour.

This image is from for Jakart and and as you can see its 32 degrees but feels like 37.  Ignore the clouds with rain signs as thats just misleading. (its not just Yowindow that  predicts rain that never comes, all the weather sites do).

Anyway this heat on a bad day makes the people worse, the driving worse, the manners worse and me far more moody and grumpy and sweaty. Making life more challenging is the fact that the ground well is starting to run dry and so the water coming out of the tap is at a trickle but it does come. So we are learning to conserve water and use it more sparingly and that is again, taking some getting used to.

There is however a permanent breeze which at times is nice and helps a little bit. So whilst it seems the rest of the world is reporting floods, tornados, typhoons, Jakarta and the majority of Indonesia is in the middle of a very dry spell. I can only hope this will begin to change later this month and in October. 

I am also missing thunder storms and the torrential rain riding home at night. I am sure though that I wont miss it for too long.

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