Sunday, 23 September 2012

Another full year

Unlike most bloggers,  I have kept writing and  have reached another milestone in my blogging life. I am into my 4th year of writing and commenting on life in Jakarta, my trips around the country and England and all in between. I have deliberately (as mentioned many times) kept away from work and the stories one could and perhaps should tell as it is all truly unbelievable, rather just focusing on everything away from there and how it feels to live here.
Since 2009 I have written about many things and it has and continues to help me deal with some of the pressures of being an Expat and so far from home. This is also my 5 year in Indonesia and I still do not have any real reason to complain about life here as I chose to come here and to stay. I have yet to feel forced to move on, go home and have never felt that. I am sure that will continue.
As I have continued my life out here, the change from working in a foreign country to living in a foreign country has become more and evident as things change. Housing, furnishing, weddings and supporting a family change everything and so it should. Disposable income is reduced as I now have bills and commitments each month. I have a staff off one now as well which is odd. The nanny looks after the house and keeps us in food and clean floors which is nice.

It is very hard to describe the life and living in another land far from what you call home andso  my blog serves as a way of describing and explaining it. I am rather lazy or forgetful when it comes to recording some things such as the traffic but I will one day that's for sure. The smells I cant describe. The litter, the mannerisms, the differences in peoples beliefs and culture. Their daily lives, how they tackle life. I wish I could sometimes as it would explain so much more.

At the end of the day, I enjoy my writing and my photos and this blog and I continue to put my energy into to help people see my life and learn a little about Indonesia.

According to nearly 40000 people have visited my blog (my visits are blocked and not recorded) and I have been visited by people from 163 different countries (as recorded by, so someone must be getting something from my writings. These numbers amaze me so much and one of my aims is to be visited by someone from every country, if only the people in Greenland wanted to come here and researched it through the internet.

Anyway, enjoy the day and always enjoy a smile.

Smiley Doughnuts from Dunking Doughnuts awesome

"A blogger is constantly looking over his shoulder, for fear that he is not being followed." - Robert Brault.

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