Sunday, 13 May 2012

Ground Water Wells Jakarta

Our House, in the middle of the street, our house was our castle and our keep, our house.... Lovely song from Madness back in the day.
This day and yesterday however, saw our house running out of water. Which in any country is not a good thing and when you are in a country where housing is not always connected to a mains water pipe, it is even worse.
Our house has a water pipe feed into it but it has never been used, something to do with the pressure or lack of it, so it is dependent on water through a well in the front and an electric pump to bring us this clear, smell free liquid that is OK to clean your teeth in (if you try not to worry about mercury and lead and other nasties) and shower in.
On Saturday, the pump or well or something in between decided to stop. Stop giving water. A few phone calls later, our almost live in handyman who frequents the house and knows it better than he should decided to take a look and see if he can fix it.
The ground water well is in the front yard in a hole in the ground with a metal cover locked firmly in place by 2 rusting nails. The interior of this hole contains 2 pipes and a pump, 3 dozen very thin spiders and far too many ants, still a brush works wonders.
The pump was still in good working order and the water is a plenty further down in the earth, it was apparently a part of the pipework which was faulty. He managed to get the water back up and running and also instructed me how to do the same, should the problem come back, which knowing my luck would be at 10pm at night in the pouring rain!

Phone calls were made to the landlady.

So today the landlady and 2 men arrived with tools in hand and set about fixing the problem. This involved taking apart the pipework to the pump, pulling all the pipework out from the ground, buying a new pump part which was faulty, connecting everything back together again and then putting it all back into the ground.

It took about 2 hours. It took 30 minutes for the water to run clear again.

Got to love the wiring

The landlady managed to tell us that the reason that the pump part had failed was that I used a shower rather than the mandi. how using a shower is connected to breaking a piece of iron deep in the ground is beyond me. Still she was wrong. She also had to pay a lot of money to get this replaced, so good.
That hole is the route to the water

So my groundwater well still has a large volume of clear water which is not anywhere near safe to drink. The pipes are 18 meters into the ground and that probably is too shallow for all the shit this city produces but there is not much I can do about that.
There are 2 pipes that pull the water up, one sucks it and one pumps it, and between them they make sure there is a constant pressure and flow of water.
The part that failed was made of copper and iron and it had seized, the well now has a new plastic nylon part which hopefully will last more than 4 years and I hopefully won't have to find out.
What I never found out is how the well was made and how someone knew there was water down there, but I will find that out in the long run.

Pipes are all Wavin
 Still it was not all bad. I now have water, I got all the taps fixed over the weekend so they don't leak and the sunset was nice.

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