Monday, 14 May 2012

English clothing Jakarta

Everytime I go to a mall it looks more and more like an English one every time. Just need Chavs, pushchairs, hoodies and a decent bookstore and it could almost be one!

Debenhams, New look, Marks and Spencers, Next, Boots, The Body Shop, Dorothy Perkins, Clarks, Mothercare, Early Learning Center, Top Man, Top Shop, did I see a Principles some where? are all in the bigger malls now and they are busy.

The prices are comparable to England which is also fairly useful and also the sizes are English as well which is very important when you are not the size of a typical Indonesian (less than 160cm and with tiny feet) so clothing is becoming less of a chore to find as are shoes.

Debenhams in Senyan City seems to be full of clothing I could buy but won't and now they are stocking up for the Queen's Jubilee, so real English tourist tat is available in Jakarta. So now not only are the German owned Iconic Mini Coopers being pushed as a luxury English item, crap Union Jack smothered tat is available. The next thing that will happen is PG tips will be sold in Giant! (if only)

Clearly the recent visit by the Prime Minister has paid off and now everyone can be fashionably English for an afternoon.
These photos were all I managed to get away with as someone in Debenhams ironically with a camera told me I could not take photos, even if they were for my mother back in England, so I never quite managed to snap the Scotland selection of pens and note pads.

The Queen visited Indonesia in 1974 and was visited by Soeharto in 1979 some 30 years ago . Prince Charles visited back in 2008 I think and other than that it really does not matter. So I cant quite see street parties any where here, I guess the Jubilee and then the Olympics with the tennis squeezed in the middle will do the power of good for Great Britain which can't do any harm.

If only BBC iplayer TV was available here, then it would change everything. 
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