Tuesday, 7 June 2011

A week later

Well its been a week and a long tiring stressful depressing stressful week, full of fake smiles and can do optimism.

Everything has been upside down and then the right way up and then back to the start. But I guess that is the grieving process, a time of healing and reflection, complete shock and terrible isolation.
For me I have been up and down like a yo-yo personally but this is not the time for self reflection or pity as the family and dearest friends are the ones that need more support and care and that again has not left my mind. I am comforted by the fact Roisin will be home tomorrow (Wednesday), her best friend hopefully hope by Thursday which will allow her to attend the funeral and of course that finally the family can grieve and hopefully start the healing process.

The rest of the week has been a blur, I found myself actually wandering around the basement car park when I was going to get my bike, I guess I was a million miles away, that was weird. Saturday after work was a trip to the local mall where there was a comic exhibition and the locals dressed up as comic characters or Cos Play as it is otherwise known. There is another type of cos-play but that is illegal here and the one I am talking about involves people being there cartoon heroes, although saying that there was some poor misguided soul who was dressed up as Mr Bean. The Naruto manga costumes were impressive though. Sadly I never took any pictures, I wish I had.
With the return of my DVD player and dire dire TV at the moment, I fired it up and had a Star Wars Sunday although not in the right order but still it was good to chill out, switch off the brain and watch the movies.
I also got my hair cut and enjoyed the ride for a change to Puri as there was no traffic in the road. Riding is normally just stuck in traffic or at night so a ride out on a Sunday was a good thing.

As for this week, well there is no public holiday in it, which is a shame and today I was totally cheered up not only by my fiancee and by teaching no one over the age 9 and also in vast numbers so that was really good and so helpful.

I will try and do something extra this weekend although as yet I am not sure what, but I will think of something

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