Monday, 10 January 2011

England and Beyond

I enjoyed England and catching up with my friends and family and making sure everything and one was ok and that things were not too bad.
I must admit to drinking and eating too much and I know I put on weight and have grown outwards a fair bit. So it's diet time.
The last part of my trip in England was spent with friends and family and it was a real good time visiting them all and so thank you for that.

I returned back to Jakarta over 2 days and despite the ice having to be scraped off the wings at Heathrow and drinking too much at the airport the return trip to Doha was lovely.
The next part of the haul back home was from Doha to Jakarta and thats when I knew I was returning home and in a different world, and sad to say for those that are my friends here it was not the most pleasant.
The thing about flying from Jakarta to the middle east and then onward to London is that the flights are completely different. The flight into Europe is more civilized and friendly while the flight into or out of Asia is more hostile and the service is bad. Now that is not to say that the inflight service is worse or the staff are rude but the culture of the people on the flight is different and so I guess the service has to be adjusted for that.
An example of that, is quite simply I was one of 4 western people flying onward to Jakarta and I was pushed and shoved out the way as the other passengers (majority women) got on the bus and then the plane and literally moved you out the way to be ahead of you. There was no politeness or manners just the calamity that I had left in Indonesia and did not experience in England. Quite troubled I was and very amused or bemused and BANG it all came back top me.
To make this worse, I had forgotten how polite English people are or are now, there was lots of greetings and genuine help offered whilst in the UK and that was great, that or I looked like a tourist needing help, either way it felt good to recieve it.

I sat next to a Pakistani man who could not speak English and he got me to complete his arrival card and the women sat next to him as well, I wonder if they were allowed in?? I must say I did not do it very well as well, at then of the day its not my problem. I dont mind helping but I had my own concerns but getting into the country.
But luckily despite some confusion with my departure card I was stamped and hurried out Jakarta Airport with no or little stress. I was met by my girlfriend and then whisked away to my apartment in no time.

And it was good to be back.
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