Sunday, 12 September 2010


Sunday already, 2 more days and back to work. The fasting is over, the parties are almost finished, millions of people will make ready to come back to the city, the crowds will return and the chaos machine will start up again.
Jakarta is simply great with out people and cars. I have refused to visit malls so I have no idea whether they are full or empty but the roads are empty and that makes getting around simply a pleasure.
Work finished on Tuesday last week and it was great to leave it behind for a week so I can charge the batteries and relax even more. I could have gone off travelling around the islands but I decided just save the hassle and stress and sit it out here.
I have been about the city all week to the north, to the west, and to the south. Some photo highlights as follows

Water spout over the ocean probably near Ancol or further east of the city. Taken from the Marina. ( I go there quite a bit you know.)

Went to the Mandarin Oriental. Almost everyone who works in there is female, including the porters. There is a European Restaurant manager. Seemed nice enough.

I then spent 4 hours riding around the city on Saturday on all the main roadways with little or not traffic. Apart from the extreme heat and sunburn, it was fun to get around so many places.
Grogol - Harmoni - Glodok - Kota Tua - Sunda Kelapa - Menteng - Monas - Sudirman - Semanngi - Kuninghan - Tanan Abang - Harmoni - Grogol - Taman Anggrek

For those not familiar with the normal traffic in the city I apologise. For those that are.... how cool is the city when it is empty!!!!!!!
All the photos were taken at very busy places and bottlenecks and to be honest I have no intention to stop and photograph these places, actually thats a lie. I have no intention of riding my bike in heavy traffic especially on a Saturday through theses areas. Not a chance. 
Try that for as many photos of traffic in Jakarta as you want to get the comparison.

Follow this link to see all the photos....

Strange really to see a set of pictures of  empty streets. Here are some more random pics from the city. 



I should I guess comment on them but to be honest I think it works better if they stand alone.
I am looking forward to the last couple of days off from work as it involves meeting friends and having a good time. Work, well that is a world away at this time.....

Nice to have a few days where almost everything has gone well. Even the AC has stopped leaking for the time being and its still cold in my apartment!!!! The storms are great. Has anyone else noticed it tries to rain now every day at 4 and there is about a 2 day gap between heavy rain in the day or evening at the moment???

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