Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Global Warming Jakarta style

What is going on?
It is getting hotter, it is getting cloudier, it is raining for an few hours a day. The smog is getting worse, the smog is clearing more, it is more windy and it is getting hotter.
The mountains south are more visible and make the city seem smaller when you can see them. I love seeing them, I will like everything add photos soon. I have all my photos on Picasa until my name. Luke Regler.If you get bored, lost or a free few hours to browse through them. I am also planning to geo tag them all with google maps but that is a laborious process but hey  I like the idea of it so I will spend some time a week giving it a go.

I have learnt a lot about smog and pollution through an invention called the 'Window'.

At the end of the corridor in my apartment on the 23rd floor, there is a window. It faces south west, over Tanjung Duren, Kedoya, Puri and into Tangerang and then the mountains. On a hazy day, the tall buildings disappear the brown line of smog filled air is too brown and the clouds are just a haze.
These are of a glorious golden sunset, but these are caused by particles in the air which reflect light and make it look simply amazing but you can see the haze across the city regardless.

On a clear day/part of the day. The intense backdrop of the mountains. These were taken on my phone and through a window but it was a lovely air day.

Daily I ride out into the city and head towards that mountain in the picture above and when I am not dodging buses and angkoks I am looking at the sky making sure it wont rain and also for the condition of the air to calculate how many hours the journey has shortened my life by!!!

Fluffy clouds mean a good day hazy days means coughing for the rest of it!!!

I also carry a rain coat so for the last couple of weeks I decided not too guess. Yes it rains, this weekend it rained all Sunday. Now nothing. 
Global warming is impacting now on the city and the country. Water is running out in the city and there are still  power outs in Pluit and other areas of the city. 

Still saying that. In England there are frosts in May and the temp is 7 degrees. So where would I rather  be? 

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