Sunday, 23 May 2010

Cost of Living in Jakarta

This post was created in May 2010 and I have updated the list which can be found in this post  or  here

Hopefully this table helps with understanding the cost of living in the city.

Its a  rough table and price guide but I think a fair reflection. The prices are average prices excepting flights which are lowest that I have found if you shop about. With average I mean the prices I have paid and the experience of buying things here.
If I am way out then please let me know and I will correct.

When I did this table £1 rupiah bought you 13,400 rupiah and $1 dollar bought you 9200 rupiah. The coversion the other way is very little.

There are some areas missing but that is deliberate as frankly I dont really do clothes shopping as I brought plenty with me and find my sizes here hard to find. I will in time do a review and update the table.

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