Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Air miles and passport stamps

I'm currently in a reflective mood and I feel the urge and need to write it all out. I owe some of it to my current desire to swim in the morning before work and I must say that it is really making me feel more alert and calm for the days ahead.
I have through this blog recorded some strange and interesting events in my life and listed more random things than most people. The best thing about blogging is the fact that essentially its a personal diary shared with the world for the most part, I believe to acknowledged that we belong to something. 
For me it s a brain dump, a chance to clear some space and reduce the thinking. Like a cerebal massage.
When I travelled the world I did 3 things. 1. I took lots of flights. 2. Wrote realms and realms of events and things I did and 3. enjoyed everyday, the long ones and the ones that I quite really remember as it was a bit of a drunken haze.
I have been challenged to why I wrote so much. The answer is simple. When I am 89 I want to be able to sit back and read my journals, blog etc and remember who I was and what I did. Maybe read them to my children, although hopefully not at 89 and have my children read them to theirs as my adventures are a slice of my life. I spent too long sat waiting not doing anything before I did.

So Lets think about flights I have taken from the information in my passport. So from 2003 and I filled it up by the end of 2009, mind that was due to coming in and out and living in Indonesia as they like really big stamps!

Sept 2003 - London to Orlando with Virgin
Feb  2005 - Tunisia with Thomspon
Mar  2006 - Thailand with Thai (Bangkok onward to Chiang Mai)
April 2006 - Thailand to Singapore with Air Asia (Form Chiang Mai)
May 2006 - Thailand to England with Thai ( I took the train from Singapore to Thailand via Malaysia that's                 
                    how I got back to Thailand and well worth it, it was too!)
May 2006 -  Bristol to Malaga Spain with EasyJet
June 2006 -  London to Spain with Iberia
                    Spain to Ecuador and back the same way. (I got a Galapagos Island Passport stamp and I am          
                    forever proud of that one) still with Iberia
Aug  2006 - London to Thailand with Thai (Chiang Mai)
Sept 2006 - London to Malaysia with Malaysian Airway
                   Malaysia to Thailand with Air Asia (Chaing Mai)
                   Malaysia to London
Oct 2006 -  Luton to Bremen Germany with EastJet
Oct 2006 -  London to LA with Air New Zealand
                   LA to New Zealand with Air New Zealand
Dec 2006 - New Zealand to Hong Kong with Air New Zealand
                   Hong Kong to London with Air New Zealand
Dec 2006 - London to New York with Virgin

Jan  2007 - New York to London with Virgin
Jan  2007 - London to Abu Dhabi with Ethihad
                   Abu Dhabi to Jakarta 
Feb 2007 - Jakarta to Singapore with Phillipine Airways
Apr 2007 - Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur
                   Kuala Lumpur to Bangkok and then onto Chiang Mai, all with Air Asia
                   and back to Jakarta. That was a total of 7 stamps lol
Dec 2007 - Jakarta to London via Abu Dhabi with Ethihad
Dec 2007 - London to Singapore with SQ
                   Singapore to Jakarta with Air Asia

Jan  2008 - Jakarta to Singapore with Garuda
Feb 2008 - Jakarta to Singapore with Garuda

Oct 2009 - Jakarta to Kuala Lumpur with Air Asia
                  Kuala Lumpur to Krabi, Thailand with Air Asia and return

With all that flying it will have taken me around the world at least 3 times, travelled on an areoplane for at least 2 weeks solid and if that was all in airmiles I would be very happy!!!
Domestic or internal flights are slightly different as I never really kept any lists but I did fly twice in Ecuador, Thailand at least 10 times, In Malaysia at least 4 times, England  6 times! As for Indonesian phew, well it has to be well into double figures now.
My next long haul is going to be back to London in December and then home for Christmas before returning in the new year but I am not sure whether to fly into KL and onto either Kota Kinabaru, Krabi or Penang; Singapore and then onto Bali, Jakarta throught he Arab States then home and then straight off to Bali. The agony of choice. But I will have to come back to Jakarta as I have my job to do.
Oh I shall never be rich financially !!!  

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