Sunday, 28 March 2010

People in lifts, Blogger Draft and crazy indo things

I must spend 15 mins a day in a lift going up and down to my apartment, jostling with others, trying to avoid the personal space issue, trying not to make eye contact with people who think if I do then they can practice their English with me and totally ignoring other western people as that is what we would do in the west to a point.
Today I watched one guy wander into the lift hands glued to his BlackBerry and then quickly press the floor number he needed and then proceed to stay totally focused on the screen while getting out at every door opening, realising that it is the wrong floor and then just pushing straight through people when got the right floor without even looking up to ask them to move.
This morning I tried to get out of the lift and was met by a crush of people so desperate to get in they were beyond rude so I just stared at them and slowed down forcing them to get out of my way.
Last night there were 15 kids all going on a sleep over in the lift and they looked horrified to see a 'bule' in their lift and I could sense that.
There has to be more life going on in the lifts in apartments then we really should care for. Laundry men, People delivering food, people delivering water, cleaners, security, building management, people leaving, people moving in, rubbish bins, all sorts.
No one speaks (luckily), everyone loves a little child they can coo at and smile at. I truly believe that the mobile phone usage in a lift is like a shield which lets the user think they are invisible and therefore no one will talk to them.
Women going out loaded with perfume making everyone smell nice for 5 mins. Sweaty basketball players no one wants to touch.
Maids feeding kids rice, Prams and push chairs, although not yet met a screaming child in a lift. There are 3 lifts in the apartment, something I think the architects got wrong as there really should be 4 as the queues often are too long.
The tradesman lift is too slow and small, how people fit furniture in there I dont know, the other 2 are fast but the door sensors are dodgy and so close on you crushing you as someone frantically presses the open button. I never help. I have my mobile phone shield so I cant be seen.
There was swimming pool signs but they go stolen. The tv monitor plays the same adverts over and over again.
There are special locks on the entrance to the lift halls and by tapping the glass of the door when you dont have a key the security aspect goes out of the window and you are in, to wander around the apartment should you care too.
I think though with all that the only thing that annoys me is the person who has a rucksack or backpack and gets into the elevator without taking it off and cannot see how it upsets others. I assume these are the same people who board planes also and then struggle to take them off in the aisle.... tut tut

I have never lived in an apartment block and so this is new to me, even after a year. I must record more randomness of the inhabitants of Tower E.

I just spent 10 mins reliving the week so I could record it or rather thinking what actually happened I dare report on here through the week.

So here goes. Monday I was told I have a new teacher starting. He arrived Wednesday and spent what was left of the week inducting him. He is Indonesian. Through the week I spent time with all my teachers holding file reviews which for me is a useful excercise. Someone brought a vacumn cleaner for the school and so all the carpets are clean.
Friday I held a big exam for my business class which consisted of a speaking assessment, listening and writing.  That stressed them all out.
Saturday I had to teach a class and then I went to a local school to handout certificates, be photographed and look bemused. It took an hour. I must admit it aint my cup of tea.

The afternoon was spent in Citra land eating and shopping before going home to watch Shutter Island on DVD (which was great and played all the way through). I had some problems with taxis as they did not want to take me the short distance from the apartment to the mall and back. Funny thing is that, those short sighted taxi drivers forget I will pay and tip over as it is a short journey. Still their loss not mine.
Shutter Island was good.

It was earth hour Saturday and so I had the lights out, the AC and TV on and the phone charger plugged in not charging, so kinda helped in a small way. The apartments turned off various lights as did central park but I am sure there was more that could have been done. I think there should be more of these than just once a year.

Its a good idea but not really in the media spotlight where it should be.

So Blogger Draft and new images and things have finally arrived and I like it. It just makes my blogs a little brighter and interesting and it Blogger has been a little behind in imagery and ideas and now it has caught up. Well done. Lets hope it continues to....

The week ahead has a holiday and an aptly named one for a change. Good Friday. I am not a religious man but it will be great to have a Friday off!!!
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