Monday, 8 March 2010

Money, Stress and all things Indonesian

Work wise - a bad week, started bad and then just got worse. Thats all I want to say about that.

Actually it was not that bad in places. It got better. Through the week I did very little except work and try to sleep. The insomnia is back with a vengance and thats really not helping. Work was successful in lots of ways but some of the more negative bits left me with my head in my hands and wondering where does it go from here. Still never stop fighting, never stop trying.
Yovita came and visited me in the week, that was great and cheery and made me sleep better.

Going to pay the bills on Thursday I noticed that the old bank account was a little low and after sleeping on it overnight I woke with the realisation that money had been taken from my account. 2 million or $200 or £144 to be roughly accurate. When I say gone, I mean missing.
On further investigation it appeared that the money was transferred to another account possibly my credit card account and I needed to speak to someone to find out more as Yovita was investigating for me and she was unable to get any more information. That never made the week any better infact ended it kinda badly.
So afterwork I went to Taman Anngrek to the bank. I should point out that I wont mention its name for fear or being sued or something as they dont take kindly to negative press and writing over here.

The customer service people were very pleasant and the branch was overloaded with people.

They made a telephone call to the Credit Card section and I spoke to them.  I spent 15 minutes being told everything but what I wanted to hear. Basically I never made the full minimum payment for my credit card as I could not simply afford it. The reason for that was in December they suddenly reduced my limit without any warning and then charged me for what was over !
So I was paying this back so I could live.

In the rules it states *** have the right to take money from my account to pay anything outstanding. Thats a good thing. It also states that they will give prior notice. That is a good thing. However they did not. 

So I spent 15 minutes trying to explain this to the Customer service person on the phone and was simply not either listened to or understood. I left the bank totally frustrated but happy I could shout and make the branch quiet and here my dissatisfaction.  I was told to speak to the payment and collection department who did not speak English and TRY to get an answer. That made me more than upset. Then the person said that if it happened to him then he would be happy and accept the moving of cash. 

My argument was the fact I was not told it would happen. That was all. My Credit card is paid now and there are no concerns. I will however move to Permata this week and stop using my *** account. They just have bad service and understanding of how to deal with customers.

Bad luck comes in 3's so it is said. I think I have had my 3 with ***

1. Sudden change in Credit Card limit NewYears Eve resulting unable to pay for bill in restaurant
2. No notice temp closure of my account for security's sake leaving me with no money or access to money
3. Moving money without my knowledge. 

So that was another voyage on the sea of money and the crashing into rocks. Another frustrating occurence financially and just rubbish service.

Hungry and less shouty we went to FX mall and ate in Pizza Marzano, a cos they have nice pizzas and bread and b they serve beer. Then after being filled up went and watched Alice in Wonderland which was a great piece of work and also cheap in FX and the cinema was not full on a Saturday afternoon. 
Then back here for more food and tv.

Sunday was spent cleaning the apartment and then to Puri Mall for the schools EXPO at the mall and to help try and recruit more students. I think we got about 50 so thats good news. My role. Stand and have my photo taken with random strangers. I did meet Yovita as she came all the way across the city to say hello and that was great as it cheered me up. 

You may notice currently I am spending a lot of time working, well I am. I dont really want to write my thoughts and feelings down too much as I dont know who reads this and if they are part of the company. I always enjoy my time at work and it is a great and fun place to work just I have a lot to do and need to sort out lots of things. 

Still I am making plans about June to go somewhere for my birthday weekend and chill. It will involve white sandy beaches, beer, and clear blue sea. Thats for sure I always have something to look forward too. 

I got a poscard also from England that was great as it is always nice receive them as it makes my day and cheers me up. So thank you Uncle M!!!

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