Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Beer is good

Well we are a few more days toward 2010 and that sounds very exciting. In fact I have a lot to look forward to. Christmas, a new bike, a new year here, the excitement of travelling and the unknown for 2010.
Bali and Lombok all sorted. Next is New Years eve. I need 2 things, a hotel and enough phone credit to phone England and be drunk down the phone at midnight here and 5pm there. Fantastic....

I have been enjoying a few beers in the evening for a while and I must say it does help me sleep and it also calms the nerves a little. However that is all it does.  I have slowed down a lot from my old drinking pace and I now just have one or two and thats it. I save the big ones for a night out away from the city and where I party out at night which is good. Thailand was bit and Bali too and therefore Bali and Lombok lovely.
Also with the gym it makes no sense to drink and then work out. Apart from it being unhealthy it is also pointless. However with a change in schedule I have not really been able to hit the running machine. The rainy nights dont help either as all I want to do it go home and dry out.

Sunday was paintball day and that involved going to Tangerang by taxi and then shooting old friends in the back at close range.
I went with Rob from my school and we were joining the teachers from Cengkareng. Due to a lack of cars, we took a taxi. We were supposed to go with Steve the DoS from there but his wife is still recovering from Dengue and so he could not go. We took a Transcab and once we told him how to get to the toll it was ok. Then once we travelled down the toll to Serpong, BSD we got lost. Mainly because we took the new road and I had never been down there before. So we drove to Bintaro, turned round and then headed back to BSD. Having no pulsa and Rob getting the least amount of help from the boys from Cengkareng we finally after an hour and a half found the place. It cost over 100k to get there. Not impressed.
England vs the rest of the world (mainly the US and the office boys from Cengkareng, meant 3 vs 5) but thats ok as the odds were in our favour.
It was only 88k to play for as long as we like and then extra paintballs were 32k a bag which is great. So in combats and safety googles we locked and loaded and wandered into trees. The games simple. Stay alive. Now that could have been from the mosquitos or not from being shot. I took a direct shot to the eye but the googles saved my sight and then a few paintballs hit but did not break.
Greatest moment was getting to shoot those that had run out of paintballs and were leaving the field. So nothing better than shooting them in the back when they were walking away or the legs. Made me smile.
The bruises are always good stories and memories.
We played for about 3 hours and after being bitten 60 + times on the hands and the face gave in and went for some food before going home.
The taxi cost 56k on the way back. Getting lost is expensive!!!!
I spent a few hours talking with steve before going home.
Sunday night was a few beers and letting the aches develop.

Oh how the legs do ache. I woke at 3am with every single bite itching at once. Luckily I have magic Indonesian tea tree oil sorted that out. 2 days later and they are dying down and not itching. The fear of Dengue has not passed I am sure I will be ok.

I am still writing reports and plans for school and it is taking me a long time. That and teaching and generally running about the school has kept me busy.Still no gym. Wednesday is going to be the gym.

I went swimming this morning and that was great and so I must do more of that. 9am swim in the pool. 10am back to the apartment, cup of tea and beans on toast. Fantastic.

Completely different but really not off on a tangent. Some great news stories from the papers this week.

Firstly, there is a ghost in a village to the southwest of here that is stealing TV sets. The locals are scared of the ghost and they think it is a pocong. A Pocong is a ghost that jumps and flies. It appears when a person who is being buried and is completely wrapped in cloth happens to have the cloth unwrapped. The police think it is a person in a sheet but cant be sure. Fantastic. (Islamic/Muslim ghost)

Then there is the curious tale of a hospital that has suspended 3 women for wearing traditional muslim headscarfs despite being an Islamic state and the trouble that is brewing there.

We have been warned of predicted riots on Saturday as protesters campaign about anti corruption, so that is not the best news.

And finally (whilst there are many many more just read the globe) the new motorbike laws come into effect in January. Helmets for all. Lights on all day (flat batteries ahead then) and Keep left and drive in the badly repaired lane, full of buses, holes and other concerns.

The fines can be up to a month in Jail if caught breaking the rules. That is great but strangely no mention of buses that have no lights, no pollution controls, no manners and no safety or the cars that have no seat belts or the 3 wheeled baiji that produce black smoke and have nothing good about them. Its all fair.....

Thats why its fun here, so much to be confused, amused and bemused about!!!!!
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