Thursday, 31 December 2009

2000 to 2009, Ten years in the making

To help make sense of my last 10 years, here is a list which will get more updated as I remember more about the past 10 years and the key things that happened to me over the last 10 years.

Instead of the usual happy new year greetings, here are some of my key moment of the past decade and 2009

2000  Moved house to Hilperton, Trowbridge
Got a new Car
Went on line
Worked in Safeway Bath
Met Susie
Met Tony
Met Neil

2001 Flew to New York for a wedding

2002 Worked in Safeway Chippenham
                Met Mark Nash, Anna and Jack, Sabrina

2003 Florida

2004 Worked in Safeway Warminster
Worked in Safeway Frome
Moved to Somerfield
Met Jon

2005 Ended my relationship after 12 long years
Sold the house, cat, etc
Moved to Susies old house
Made contact with Tony again
Maurice and Janes 50th Wedding
2006 Sold the car
Moved to Mums
Celebrated Mum and Dads wedding anniversary before leaving the country
Flew to Thailand and met and travelled with Tony
Visited Thailand 3 times, Malaysia twice, Singapore, Equcador, Galapagos, Amazon, Germany, Spain,                     Blackpool, New Zealand and met Tony, 
                Met Helen
flew to New York with Jon and celebrated the end of 2006
Got a job in Indonesia

2007 Flew to Indonesia
Started work at EF Cengkareng
Met Richard, Annika, Dagan, Stephen
Met my gf Yovita
Travelled through Java 
Flew to Thailand for a week
Flew to England for Christmas
Saw Susies 2 day old Baby Bella
Met Jon
Stayed at Tonys
Saw George and Neils baby Harrison
Saw my parents
2008 First new year in Jakarta
Second year as teacher
Visited Bali, Makassar and other places
Became senior teacher in Cengkareng
Got my first motorbike
Moved to Puri Indah as DoS
Went to Bali for Christmas

2009 Third year in Indonesia and as a DoS
Moved to an Apartment in Mediterrania at Tanjung Duren
Bali for my birthday
Flew to Thailand with Yovita to see Tony and Lotus
Bought a new motorbike
Spent Christmas on Lombok
Signed for another year (4th) with EF
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