Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Christmas Break in Jakarta

It's that most wonderful time of the year... Christmas holidays. A time for not being at work and relaxing and enjoying some time off. Which is where I am now. Sadly Yovita is working as normal due to her office being open and so this means no trips away from the city but a couple nights out over the holidays, which if that is all there is, then that is all I can have, and I am more than happy with that.
My holidays began with dinner with Yovita after work ( a very rare occasion as we work so far from each other) because I was in a training session in the mall opposite her building.
Friday saw me using Grab bike like I was on fire, to find various last minute gifts and having to keep looking. First I went from home to Pacific place as the toy shop is good and there was a Star Wars display. I found toys for Jeremy but not the other things I needed so I had to move on.

From there I went to Senayan City to look in Sports shops but I found nothing I needed but some very expensive biscuits in Marks and Spencers so after being there I took another Grab Bike to Semanggi.
Happily Semanngi had some of the things I was needing but the mall had no gift wrap or cards so again I had to move on. So, bags in hand I took another bike to Pejaten and with some luck and a fair wind managed to get everything I needed so I took another bike home and nearly all the shopping was done.
The trips around the city cost me 60,000 rupiah in total with the cheapest being 5,000 rp and the max 16,000. If that was taxis then it would have cost at least 200k for the same trips.

Christmas eve had us go to Central Park ( I really don't like it there ) for Marks and Spencers and Next and gifts for Yovita and we found what she wanted so Christmas presents were finished. As I am such a big fan of Central Park, here is a picture.

We needed to go shopping so I went to supermarket underneath it and after wasting an hour of my life and being generally pissed off by the experience, I ate Burger King to feel better before getting in a taxi to go home. 
We kept the taxi while we packed for the night. We were off to stay in a hotel in the city. 

The hotel we were staying at was called the Ayaka Suites and it is a small hotel near Kuningham but still nice. Using we didn't have to pay until the day and after a very quick check in we were off to the room where we stayed until morning.

We had a family room (2 beds) and after the free WiFi was working and room service was eaten we went to the Roof Top for the view, but it was closed for some reason, we went back to the room and played with Jeremy and enjoyed our time.

Christmas morning saw us up early and eating early to avoid the rush. The breakfast wasn't as good as the room service menu but there was enough to eat. After breakfast we opened some Christmas gifts to make the day begin. Jeremy was now very happy.

Once back home, Jeremy found presents under the tree and this made him even more excited and some once ready we all sat down and opened the gifts that we had.

We hadn't really planned anything for lunch so we popped out to Senayan Plaza and to the food hall and got some bits and then for dinner we had fresh spicy pasta with minced beef and Christmas chocolates (beer as standard) and then settled down for the rest of the day with Jeremy playing and making him use all his energy. 

I spoke with my brother in the afternoon which was great and briefly with my parents and that was Christmas. Very busy yet quiet and entertaining but peaceful.

On Boxing day we went to Grand Indonesia so Jeremy could play but he was not that interested so after some food and some more toys we came home. The mall was quiet as many people were still away for the break and so was the local supermarket which was good and so that made shopping easier and quicker. 

For the rest of the week, I have really spent my time with Jeremy and running around with him. There will be more later in the week and on NYE we will be in another Hotel to enjoy the end of the year better and perhaps I will be awake to see 2017 in.

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