Thursday, 7 May 2015

Jeremy's second birthday

Just over 730 days ago, my wife gave birth to my new world and life, Jeremy. It seems amazing and such a short period of time in which so much has happened. I suppose as Jeremy is all consuming in terms of my time and energy so that there is nothing else really going on for me. And with the departure of the house keeper, there is no time but time with Jeremy or a mop. Who needs sleep and free time anyway? At least with Jeremy being 2 now, he is a little less dependent on everyone and can and will sit and play quietly for short periods of time without feeling the need to run off and be mischievious somewhere and have dad stop him.

Playing in a car at the mall
 Jeremy has become a firm follower of You Tube videos for kids and is not really that interested in the TV at the moment, although he will sit and watch Baby TV all day, or at least look at it now and again when it is on. Cbeebies seems to be losing ground to Baby TV and the other channels really dont get a look in at the moment.
I have downloaded a load of You Tube videos and he is content enough for now to watch them repeatedly which again leaves a little more time for me to do something else.

His new scooter

Over the weekend it was Jeremy's birthday. He turned 2 on Sunday and it was a good day. On Friday we took him to the ELC in Gandaria city to buy him a ride on scooter bike thing. We would have gone to the one in Grand Indonesia but the police had closed all the roads leading there as it was May Day and there were '000's of demonstrators marching about.
We brought him a Scooter and he now just sits on that whizzing about. Some other toys I have not seen since as well were bought but I am sure they will appear when he is ready to play with them.

From Auntie Margaret

Thanks Helen
On Sunday we did not really do much with him. He unwrapped his presents, not really knowing why and played with his new toys while me and his mum fussed over the new clothes and when in the year he will be big enough to wear them. Jeremy was happy all day and in the afternoon after shopping and more toy buying he helped cut the cake and enjoyed eating some, before retiring to his chambers early and sleeping for around 10 hours.
His cake

Blowing out the candles
I am pretty certain that next year he will be far more aware to the fact that he has a birthday and also this will probably happen at Christmas.

But for now, his second birthday was great time and fun had by all. Of course, being Dad I got to eat nearly all the cake.....

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