Friday, 9 August 2013

Sightseeing in Jakarta

For as little as 3,500 or 40 cents or 25p you can tour the entire city by bus so long as you dont step on the from the Buway system. If you do then there are many places to see and places to go. Despite is being understood that Jakarta lacks many things including Tourist spots/information/guides/marketing etc there are, if you can be bothered to look and make the effort lots of places to see and go.

I travelled by bus to Pasar Baru or Baroe and took a walk through the market streets which comprise of stalls selling belts and watches and shoes etc with shops and stores in the buildings selling clothes, jewellery and other stuff. Then I headed down so little streets around the area where no tourist would go but should to have a look, ending back up by the Bunga Bunga hotel and then back to the market.

From there I went across the street to where are a lot of portrait painters and their stalls and carried on walking past the main Post Office and the highly renown catholic school for girls, St Ursula's which is next to Jakarta cathedral. I then crossed the road and climbed through a hole in the fence to a sports ground and to the famous monument Pembebasan Irian Barat which is a man breaking chains. It is surrounded by some small gardens and fountains and it is nice and well looked after.

After that I crossed the road and headed towards Gambir Railway station passing some army buildings and the National Art Museum of Indonesiam. There is a great old church next to that but it is under renovation at the moment. Gambir Railway station is a huge 3 or 4 storey place with the trains at the top. It is still green in colour but they have toned the green down. 

Crossing the street again, I went in to the gardens surrounding the Monas which is a huge tower with a gold flame at the top. The park area is big and in the middle it is all open but around that are lots of shady and tree covered areas. There is a small deer park as well you can walk by but not it. 

Leaving the Monas I walked to the Bank of Indonesia and past an amazing statue of some gods riding a chariot.

I could have kept walking then into Thamrin and disappeared into Menteng where there is more things to see, or done the usual thing and took the bus to Glodok and Kota Tua, but I will save that for another day. 

The walk from Pasar Baroe in 30 degree heat to the Bank Indonesia buildings took about an hour all in all but I was stopping and taking photos. 

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