Thursday, 10 January 2013


Well 2013 is now in full swing and everything returns to the status quo it was before Christmas and the New Year Period. For me, that meant sobering up from a most fantastic New Year out in West Jakarta, stood in the rain, wearing 3 sizes too small flip flops, drunk, listening to bizarre Dangdut and watching the local police and security guards dance while the women look on probably bored but somewhat amused.
The city shut down its major road and 200,000 people trampled all the plants and left lots of litter and had a thoroughly good time seeing 2013 in.

Jakarta celebrating 2013

My head hurt thats for sure. Burger King saved the day....

A day later and its back to work and off we go again. 8 days in and sadly the celebrations and holidays are fading fast and all is left is the Christmas chocolate and some beers in the fridge and they are going fast.

The plans for the year so far look like this:

January I am off to Carita with my colleagues and also Bogor for a conference. I should also be in Singapore for a day all being well. I also move house
March, we are off to Bali if the doctor says yes.
May I will be a Father and the nappy days begin....

Actually I have done nothing since New Years day apart from working and it all gets a bit busier for me outside after this weekend. I am looking forward to that.

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