Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Indonesian Kosts

That had to be longest week I have ever endured. I have no why but it was just so long. The days just dragged by. I did my best not to get stressed out or worried by stuff rather just focus on the what was in front of me and get on with it, however everything is falling into place and with a little luck and good judgement it will remain so. 
I have started some self study with the aim of improving my qualifications, this means getting to work even earlier (if this is at all possible) and focusing on that for a few hours before starting my work. It is stretching me but I know that it will pay off and be a good thing in the long run. 
The weekend was a typical weekend, where I work on Saturday morning and then have a the rest of the day off and then Sunday as well. I work nearly every Saturday morning at my school doing admin, teaching, planning etc and it does give me an opportunity to sort stuff out and get a head start to the next week. I could really be spending the weekends travelling and relaxing but currently that is not possible. 

I have had a plan to help with the cost of the wedding, to stop renting the apartment and move into a Kost or boarding house for the foreseeable future, so I have been looking and  have been assisted by my fiancee. I still want to live around Tanjung Duren as there are lots of restaurants, 3 great big malls and there is everything I need there. Even with the noise, dust and pollution this part of J town has a lot to offer, except no bars (although the Markas Bar is close) and to be honest the appeal of bars is slowly wearing off.

So after work we rode into Tanjung Duren armed with addresses, telephone numbers and high hopes and started to look for the kosts listed. Wow what a maze. It is amazing how big this city is and how small the streets are. The smaller streets with narrow walkways are fun to ride down and nicer than the lumpy bumpy roads which are everywhere.  
We all in all visited 3 Kosts and they were asking around 1.5 million a month for the rooms which included bed, wardrobe, wifi, own shower and bathroom,free laundry,  table, ac, tv point and access to kitchens and free parking. Now 1.5 million is a lot of money for a room even with all that thrown and so I was expecting something big and nice. Oh how disappointed I was with the rooms. I guess I have never lived in single room and to be honest I don't think I could. The biggest room was 4x4m and that is smaller than my bedroom. There was no window or natural light. The walls were paper thin and the smell of cooking was everywhere. Now I am not a snob but the shock was huge, and something I was not prepared for. I have seen bigger prison cells.

Stock photos found on the net to illustrate this

So I guess it is back to the drawing board for that one. I have a month to find a solution or I will have to stay in the apartment and find another way. I guess also the cockroaches in the bathroom and the mosquitoes I encountered also put me off. I do battle with ants daily in the apartment but I am not bitten or have roaches which is nice!!!
In the evening we went in Kemang via Blok M and the roadworks for the flyover. The city is a mess. There are holes, signs, closed roads and far far too many vehicles with not a policeman in sight to help or control. It is simply getting worse.
We went to the Irish Bar and ate and drank with friends until the place was overrun by expats dressed as women drinking and shouting. Oh how I had forgotten all about those things. 

Sunday I took a city tour with a some teachers to help the see the city and understand even in a small way where stuff is. Of course we went to Sunda Kelapa and the Marina!!! But then it was a lovely day and despite the wind just warm and sunny.

The boat full of bamboo was amazing and I was a little sad to see no-one loading the ships by hand anymore, especially the cement that gets ferried to who knows where. The harbour is a mess, the water dirty but there is a charm about it, I guess the boats as they are all wooden and the access and the fact you can wander about and no-one pays you any attention. 
The marina was great.
We then moved on through Kota Tua and then into Harmoni, Monas to the Main mosque of Indonesia, the Istiqlal Mosque which is facing directly opposite Jakarta Cathedral. Both are amazing buildings and worth visiting. 
After that we rode around the city along Sudirman to Senayan, back to Menteng via Kuningan and then back home. It was a good day.

It was a good start or end to the week and this one is just as good, as Thursday is Chinese new year and the year of the rabbit so that means another day off!!!

I love all these new years so many days off.....

Gong xi fa cai

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