Sunday, 31 October 2010


"the only good Blackberry is one found in a pie, not stuck to your hand!!!" - Luke Regler 2010. I said that in postering kind of stance as I have been a Nokia fan through and through and had a great Nokia phone in my 5800 xpress music. Now I am the 'proud?' owner of Blackberry curve.Why? hmmmm all will be revealed.

After a week long attempt of nature trying to destroy parts of Indonesia and the weather and traffic trying to destroy me and Jakarta, the weekend finally came and the rain stopped and the sun shone.
Elsewhere in the country, it is raining ash, stormy waters are preventing aid to Tsunami victims, Mount Krakatau is making so much noise it can be heard in Serang (about 40 minutes from Jakarta) West Java, another volcano is kicking off in Sumatra and there are now stories in the paper about 2 more in Java grumbling and groaning. I can only hope they all quieten down and the most violent one Merapi, does cease and become quiet.
The most interesting and fascinating thing I have learnt this week apart from not to go to Pondok Cabe ever again was that each Volcano has a paid guardian who's job it is to keep the spirit of the volcano happy or appeased and to be the last one to leave the volcano should it erupt. Total respect to those that live and die in those areas.

So its the end of the month, it is also Halloween which is something happily I can ignore, not because it is an Islamic country as many schools and people celebrate it but once I am at home no will come knocking and I can just watch crap movies on TV all connected to horror, although I am watching 2012 and well it aint that horrible or suspenseful but mildly entertaining.
Being the end of the month it also means I have to pay the bike finance instalment and this month was the last one! 11 months earlier I bought my bike and now I own it. Well, when I say I own it, my girlfriend is the name on the blue book and the STNK but technically it is mine. No more finance.
The plan was to go to Dann Magot to pay the last instalment, get the blue book of ownership and that would be that. However the plans slightly changed and instead of Dann Magot, we had to go to some part of the city called Pondok Cabe, famous for a helicopter crash and not much else.
Pondok Cabe is far from where I live. In the south. Thats all I can tell you.
So on my one weekend off I get a month I was in a taxi in the rain by 6.30am and off to pick up Yovita and then go from there. I managed to choose a taxi driver that could sleep and drive on the toll and by the time I reached Yovita, he was almost sound asleep so I got out, and we found another.
An hour later we were at Pondok Cabe and in a tiny office full of men wanting to pay the finance on their bikes. The office must be just full of money by the speed the tranacations were taking place, anyway the process is not as simple as it should be. First pay the cashier and get a receipt, then wait until you are called to request the blue book. Then sign a piece of paper and then wait another period of time, sign another piece of paper and then eventually another hour later it was finished.
Flagging down another taxi we took another hour and a half to get back to Central Park. I was dreading the taxi cost as it was a way away to the south but it was around 140,000 in total (return) so pretty good I think.

Breakfast in Central Park was nice followed by some shoe shopping (not so good) but ok and then a trip to a phone shop. I am not sure what spurred me on but I managed to walk into one and ask for a Blackberry Curve, and then pay for it and walk out of the shop 30 minutes later with one. All a bit weird still as I am not sure I needed one.
We were off out for an afternoon of drinking but I had to go back to the shop to have the BB and its settings sorted out as it is not as simple as a Nokia in that respect. 45 minutes later that was done and so then off to do something more enjoyable. Drink.
The Marina was empty bar some friends and so we settled down to an afternoons drinking in the cool air and fading light . Beer was good and the company excellent. Yet another taxi to get home and by 9pm we were home and with pizza delivery and a mildly scary movie on TV, it finished off a good day.
Today, we went to sell my Nokia at one of my least favourite malls, Ambassador. I cant actually sell it as I am a westerner and so the price would be lowered so Yovita sold it for me while I had a cup of tea in Dunkin Doughnuts. Then we wandered around the place until I got fed up being pushed and shoved and so we headed to another shopping centre, Pasar Festival for lunch and books.
In 10 minutes I walked away with 4 more books to read and so I was happy with that.

A busy weekend with a trip in at least 6 taxis and a visit to 3 malls but at least the bike payments are finished and I have a new toy to play with.
Happy days
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