Tuesday, 1 June 2010

3d Movies Jakarta

Having had a long weekend off ( well I did still work on Saturday but it was still a longer weekend ) the decision was made to go to the movies. Having missed Iron man 2 for some reason and Robin Hood (I think it has been and gone, I could be wrong) that left us with Shrek 4 and the Prince of Persia.
Friday was a national holiday and so that meant a lie in and a slow start to the morning which was exactly what happened. We (Yovita and I) eventually drifted to Senayan City to watch Shrek in 3D.
The tickets were 50,000 each but as its 3D then thats understandable I think.
Sadly for me the movie was not as good as I had hoped and the 3d option carried it for me. Whilst the cat is always amusing it was quite serious with the jokes being entrenched.
The glasses were uncomfortable but they worked and the images were well projected and over all it was a great time and the movie ended with every singing and dancing so that was good.
Saturday we went to FX and watched Prince of Persia. Now if that was in 3d it would have been even better and it was good enough to start with. Lots of action, swords and brotherly oaths. The Hassassins could have come straight out of Life of Brian but other than that it was a fun movie with a not too predictable ending. But yes it was good and cheaper by 30,000.

Speaking of Life of Brian, I should endeavour to return here with the movie and show some of my friends it just for my amusement. Whilst the Wizard of Oz is nothing at all like the Life of Brian it does have people captivated by it from the outset and as it contains flying monkeys and a truly scary witch is a really fantastic movie. And hardly anyone has seen the Wizard of Oz. (it does kinda make sense but my writing has got a bit lost there I think!)

Anyway I digress,

I have received over 2000 hits to this blog over the course of the last 5 months and that again is some thing I am delighted with so thank you one and all for clicking and reading it. My adsense value is also staggering at an amazing £4.54 to date. So who said money cannot be made by blogging. This time in 10 years time I will have almost 1 million rupiah a truly remarkable landmark for me.

I have been asked why I never really blog about my work and what goes on all day. Well the answer is simple, I really don't want to include my daily dealings, feelings and reelings here and have better sense to discuss my employers and employees and the trial and tribulations working in a foriegn land brings. Needless to say that I am very happy with those I work for and those that pay me. I am delighted to be given the chance to work here and prove my ability to them and those I work with. And thats that. For anything else. Nope.

So apart form going to movies and having some great discussions on line about tourism, beer, blogging, and a few other things its been a saving kinda week and a heads down kinda week. I have swapped phone networks yet again mainly due to the fact that 3 allows very cheap calls to the UK and when the network does work properly it is good as any other, although it does sometimes not send messages for hours and then I get lots at once much to the distress of my gf and others.  But hey, I bought 50,000 pulsa and they doubled it immediately for me so that was helpful and kind of them.
I finally got the bike washed and now I can see it shiny again and for 8000 I will get it done more often. Mind the guys at the wash looked a but annoyed I never paid more but I only had 8000 and a hundred thousand note and I sure that they did not want to deal with that. Next time I might tip them.

Nothing out of the sublime has happened for a while to me, The lifts at the apartments seem to break down daily and there are often floods in the bike park but I dont know where the water comes from, I guess the drains are blocked!! Considering the bikes are parked in the basements basement, I only shudder to think what the water contains.
I would urge you to read the Jakarta Globe to keep abreast with what is happening here so you too can share my bemusement with Indonesia as it well worth it.

Finally, I have started to appreciate twitter and all the merryment and musings it brings. I have learnt a fair few things from the site from news to information about FB, blogging and other people so it is actually becoming a good idea. Quicker than the BBC or CNN it is providing me with some information and news. Especially Darth Vader, Homer Simpson and LameBook! Why not give it a spin.
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