Sunday, 11 October 2009

Waiting sometimes lasts for ever oh and some ghosts.

I have thing about Asian movies at the moment. Not the ones with pretty girls in pigtails and plaid skirts but the other kind. Horror. I have come to the conclusion that Asian horror is pretty much the ultimate in scary. Mainly because film making is superior to the west.
Americans make great slasher movies and zombie movies, the British make great traumatic movies. The Asians make superior, dont look in the mirror, watch them in the dark movies.
The grudge is good. The original Ju'on is beyond creepy. The grudge 3 is creepy I have been told that the Japanese version is a scream fest. I am watching Shutter, another American remake of a Japanese horror. Almost creepy but too westernised. I am I think going to build a collection of scary, cant sleep movies. My girlfriend will watch them and stay awake for days, the girls at work the same and the students just scream. For those that dont know. A lot of asian movies are filmed in and about cities and in apartments. Japanese ghosts live in toilets. Hong Kong ghosts in apartments and hallways. Indonesian ghosts in trees and in corners.
All have the same kinda thing going on. If female then the head is bowed, long black hair and white dress.
Indonesian ghosts - Hantu are pretty common, everone has seen them. There are Pocongs, which are spirits that just stand and stare and live everywhere. Kuntilanak are another kind of spirit. There are little sprites thats steal money and also a nurse that has no legs that crawls about corridors and hallways. In some parts of the country it is unlucky to wear certain colours as it will bring the spirits out.
The last teachers house had a ghost we think. There were always noises from the empty rooms, could have been rats but I dont think so.
Indonesia is steeped in tradition and there are many sighting and stories of ghosts. most buildings have them maybe because thats where they live or because the health and safety rules are so bad that many die building them.
Most  people have superstitions and beliefs connected around around this whether they are muslim or christian.
In my apartment for example I have, what I can only explain as a bundle of sticks which is used to brush the bed and rugs. I have to have it sticks pointing up so that it prevents ghosts from coming in. Same with clean curtains and floors.
I had chest pains a couple of months ago and I was told that it was bad spirits. This is by rational people, people that are in position of responsibility and totally rationale.
England may be full of haunted castles and places but this place has spirits everywhere.

Luckily I dont scare that easy. I do live on my own and I do often feel I am being watched but its a feeling. At night normally a lamp on, no more. In the bed room I sleep on a matress with no blanket. (watch Ju'on it changes how you see hiding under the bedcovers) I dont need to have a blanket as it is always hot. The fan cools things down nicely. I used to have a/c in the teachers house and it would be cold early in the morning but that would be the only time.
But its ok, there are no spirits here. Well none that stay. Some wander through. Am I mad. No I dont think so. Its what I hear and get told. I cant tell you what my GF sees as I dont have her permission and I dont want her to be ridiculed by those that dont or cant believe.

Moving on, only 10 days to holiday. Getting excited. It has been a long time coming and I am not looking forward to being away from the madness of Jakarta, the crush, the air,  everything.

The weekend has past now for me and it was ok. Friday was a day of nothing. Nothing happening at work so just sit (actually got there at 12 and left at 7 so that was nice). The gym was empty again. It was empty on Wednesday because of the rain and then on Friday must be because of the weekend. So that was good. I really dont like the thought of going to the gym but once I am there its ok.
I worked on Saturday and then went to Yovitas. It rained for a 3rd of the way so that made riding the motorbike more fun or is it scary? I had to take a detour by a river, over 2 bridges etc as a wedding party had closed a road off and so all the traffic was sent in all directions. The crush on Saturday afternoon was possibly the worst I have seen and encountered since riding my bike. It took 45 mins to get to Yovitas instead of the usual 25 mins.
I managed to get the bike cleaned while at Yovitas and ate a lot of food including mangos which are always nice fresh off the trees peeled and then eaten. Sweet and full of vit c and stuff. Love them but not too often.
Early to bed Saturday night, no footy, well England were playing but it was not on ESPN so I never saw it.
Today was the lazy day. I have ventured out of the apartment to sort the laundry and pay the electric bill and some shopping but other than that, sleeping, sweating, bit of tv and not much else.
Dont think its all beaches, parties and out and about living here. Some weeks it is, some weeks it is not. I am saving dont forget for Thailand so I cant be frivolous with the cash. When I get back I am sure things will change.
I need some calm and peace away from it all. It makes up for the lousy sleep I get some nights or most nights.
This week ahead brings well, the gym, meetings, teaching, reviews, paying out for stuff for the holiday and counting the days. Did I say 10 left....

Patience is a skill not a virtue. I am skilled in waiting and patience. Still needs to hurry though
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